Monday, November 10, 2014

Sent Christmas Gifts--but don't open yet!!

I don’t have a ton of time but your guys’s weeks sound awesome!

Monday: We had to teach some chastity... awkward... and that’s really all we had that happened that day!

Tuesday: Last day of visiting the mission nurse--the foot is perfect and ready to go. We did intercombios and I was in another area. The elder had no plans for us and we somehow still got into three houses, his area is way nicer than mine and a lot more humble...

Wednesday: So every single plan we had fell through so we just walked a ton and did what we could to try and work... but that night I got to see a gal from my district who had to visa wait and that was cool. Then a random Hermana who just arrived here said ¨Hey your Jayson Benedict and live in Layton¨ . I was so confused! It turns out she served in our ward and had read my plaque and then came to our mission. So that was cool!

Thursday: We made empanadas and they were so good, we used Nutella and dulce de leche and appels and cookies --it was so bomb--but super fatty!!!  Then we had a lesson with Raul and he liked what we taught so that’s good, we’re gonna teach him the restoration this week and get him a baptismal fecha(date).

Friday: We taught a lesson to a less active member and she is like “Ya I’m coming to church”, and then doesn't. People here are just to freaking flo-ho lazy and it kills me but that’s fine! This night we had a six week training and I got to see my whole district and talk to them and t was really just super cool and I loved to talk to them about everything we've learned.

Saturday: We had a full mission conference where Elder D Todd Christoffersen came and talked to us and he spoke perfect Spanish, I got to shake his hand and it was just super awesome! I loved it a ton! That night we taught Alberto and he told us that he is way excited to get baptized!!! We are pumped!

Sunday: We had stake conference with an area seventy and it was good! I zoned out a lot, but it was good! I forgot it was Sunday when I woke up and might have done my exercises as usual--that was embarrassing. That night we had Francos interview and he is getting baptized next week!!! Yay!!! We are super pumped!!!

  • So that’s my week and I’m not looking forward to the heat of the next couple weeks -- it’s gonna be rough! 
  • My depression is good and gone--don’t stress I’m handling everything just fine. 
  • Yes there is a Bro email where we chat when we are all on, it’s really nice. 
  • I’m in a ward that has like 700 members, but we have about 70 people who come to church each week, which is a ton. Lots of places have like twenty people there so it’s a nice ward. 
  • My favorite food is milenaza napolitana or parmesan chicken-- it’s a very common food and I love it. We had rice with oyster bits in it that was disgusting one day.
  • I don’t know how big my bed is but it probably couldn't fit two of me shoulder to shoulder. 
  • We live about an hour and ten minutes from the offices and from presidents house it’s about 30 minutes.
  •  We just go to the stake center and play soccer or shop or stuff like that.
  •  A Hermana does our laundry.
  •  I do know my mom loves me tons!

Hey I would love a cheesecake recipe or the cheesecake cupcakes we make recipe... please! For Christmas I want chocolate, pictures, a SD card converter to USB so I can send you pictures, and  I don’t know what else...

I love you tons mom and tell dad he is amazing! I sent the Christmas package, it should be there in two weeks they said, but no opening it until Christmas, it was pretty pricey so you’ll have to wait until next Christmas for more things from me, but ya-- you are welcome. They wouldn't let me send Taylor’s gift so when Elder Evans dies he will send it to you.

Love you forever!
Elder Jayson Benedict

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