Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week

I'll be honest Christmas day was just normal we didn't get home until like seven thirty-ish because we visited our branch president and that was nice! We just chilled as a group of four talking and having a nice little night as we listened to a ton of fireworks it was a blast really! We have some families who do okay at taking care of us, I have two that i love—family Burnet in the picture and family Franco so they are way cool and I love them. I don't think we really do anything for p-day i think I'm going to cook or sleep or something, I'm still waiting for the rest of the cookbook and the measuring cups! ;) and thank you I love getting Spanish compliments they are the best! 

Monday we had to travel to Centro of Mendoza and it was fun, but a lot of driving and it was just a lot in a bus in less then a week, but it was fun to chat with some old friends I haven't seen from the MTC so thats nice! 

Tuesday was the Christmas party and it was fun we watched President kiss his wife and that was way funny, so ya and we just had fun. There is this a lady named mama Rasteli to me and I love her. She cooked the food for the party so i just went and helped her and talked with her. She is my mom  when I'm with her she just tells me all the time that I need to tell you good things about me, but nah she is just a sweetheart! She asked for your email i don't know if she used it, but she has it! Then we were on buses again for forever!

Wednesday on Christmas eve we weren't allowed to leave the pens (apartment) if we didn't have appointments because it was dangerous and everyone is drinking tons of beer and shooting off tons of fireworks, it was just weird. That night we went and had dinner with family Burnet, I sent a picture I think and i love them! We are trying to reactivate the husband, the blond one and its going very well so I'm happy with them!

Thursday we didn't get to leave the pens so we went and helped a member do a Christmas tradition and then we went and cooked our tacos included in picture form and it was just a sad waiting for the call! Then i got to talk to you it was way dope! I liked it a lot when me and tay talked about Lex in Spanish and you guys didn't know so that was way fun for me! Then we just chilled afterwords.

Friday was just a day normal and we had a fun family night with family Burnet and another investigator and it was fun! I just love that family, they are just funny and we just mess around.

Saturday, again normal day of hard work I think we biked more then ten miles that day because we gave the pedometer to a walking elder and he got four miles in his area walking and teaching two lessons so thats like he was only walking for two hours and we bike forever and I tested some distance by walking places first and we ride pretty far everyday, and WOW is my butt sore! But Saturday we just taught menos activos (less actives) and I was just tired. I hate everyones excuses its just tiring—they know they need to go to church and we can supply a car, but they still wont go. I hate it!
Sunday, church and some other meetings for a mission plan for the rama and the rama is way burnt out so its hard to get anything going but we are trying and we need to reactivate some serious priesthood and get this work going!

So thats what my week was! I’m way tired from biking and we started this thing called Body of a God and its like six months to sexy, but way freaking intense, I’m way tired but way good! I feel like I really worked out this morning so thats awesome!

I’m doing good but miss you way bad—let me know how everything goes this week with everything and I’m always praying for you guys! Be safe and happy!

Love, Elder Benedict

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