Thursday, January 8, 2015

We screamed happy new years and just went to bed!

5 January 2015

  • Did you stay in New Years Eve and New Years Day?
On New Years Eve we left the apartment a little bit, but not much. We didn't teach any, but we weren't allowed to proselyte on either day. 

  • The Burnett family and the picture you sent of you and them—where was the picture taken? 
That picture was taken in a kind of garage thing that they had for all the tables that was just our Christmas Eve though where I ate cow tongue.

  • How is your bum?? Are you biking everyday?
My bum is beyond tired—my bike is super crappy and its back sprocket just shattered this week from all the crap it goes through, I'm pretty sure we go more then ten miles a day so its just use, and its a crappy Argentine bike so it struggles. 

  • What is rama?
A rama is a branch so its just a president and his counselors who report directly to the mission president there aren't many here in my mission, but we have one that has a large amount of people who attend but not very many people who have the priesthood and pay tithing in full.

  • How is Body for the Gods working for you?
ody of a God is way hard its 50 wide push ups, 25 middles or normal, then 20 diamond push ups then you do sit ups until your abs hurt and then you do 100 crunches and you do 25 frog jumps looking at the ceiling and then you do 100 bicycles and then 100 Russians I don't know how to describe it—we called them Lancers at school, ask Tay he might know, 25 leg lifts and then one arm planks for one minute each side. We do that for three weeks then wI start doing more of everything and you do it everyday! its awesome!

  • Tell me a little bit about Mama Rasteli…I love her tons for loving you!!!!

Mama Rasteli is the wife of a councilor in our mission presidency and she is just an angel. She was friends with Elder Evans and she cooked a food I liked and I talked with her got her recipe and we have become friends and she talks about me sometimes to others and tells me I'm awesome and I just love her!  She is a great 55 year old lady!

Conferencia de Zona MA, GU, y ME

My week was great and yours sounds pretty good too! You guys have so much fun all the time—promise me that we are going to go hard like that when i get home, snow shoeing and cars and fun and life and shopping, I miss it all!

Monday we had no luck and we just chilled in the pens (apartment) for p-day. It was kinda lame. Today at least we are going to play soccer so that should be fun, but last Monday wasn't great!

Tuesday we worked hard and had district meeting which was good and just cool to learn about some other peoples areas, that was way fun! Then that night as we were looking for people who had the priesthood we went to this guy named Hector Munos and we got there and his wife told us he died and she cried with us as we talked about the Plan of Salvation with her and she seemed interested and we told her about how she could see him and be with him again. She was never baptized so we are going to see what we can do tomorrow with her!

Wednesday I got a kilo of ice cream that was awesome and that was my plan for the day of new years eve but we went to an old ladies house in the branch and she served us a chicken and some banana ice cream and it was just fun and we had a good time! We stayed up until midnight and it was just a good time. We screamed happy new years and just went to bed!

Thursday we were literally not allowed to leave the pension (apartment) this day so we didn't and just chilled I cooked some teriyaki chicken for some tacos and then some chocolate spice cake for the new years it was way fun and good food. I’ll send you the pictures after this! 

Friday we worked way hard and rode a lot and then my bikes sprocket shattered and we had to go buy me a new one and it was not cool so we walked home and then walked to get them way far away later in the night, but it was still fine but we didn't get to teach anyone that day.

Saturday we had a morning of knocking doors and no one let us in, or they were not home or no one wanted to talk to me so that kinda sucked, but we dealt and it was just a fine time!  Then that night we did an intercombio (exchange) and me and elder Charca another child of Elder Evans in the mission and we went and the people we had citas or appointments with rejected us, but then we knocked like five doors and it was way cool because this lady let us teach her and it was good! Then we went to another area and taught another new family who seems interested and then the next house we knocked told us to come back Sunday. So we taught a lot Saturday night it was awesome, but weird because Charca teaches weird — but it was good!

Sunday we got a new presidency so we had to have a new meeting with everyone so we missed our appointments, but we showed up late and taught anyways and it was way good and this new family said they would read and pray, we are going to pass by and see later but it was good! We got a lot of new people this week. You should pray for the Molina family, Gonzalo and Tania Munos, Adalina, Patricio Marcus and Carlos and thats it —oh, and family Rodrigues.

So ya, that was my week! It was fun and good and I miss you guys like crazy, but its almost been five months — I’m almost home ;) 

I love you lots, good luck with everything!
Love, Elder Benedict

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