Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm doing good

You guys have way to much fun all the time, did you know? I get all kinds of jealous from all the great little things I hear that you are doing, you guys are just all too fun! 

Did you record Taylor's talk for when I get home so I can hear his stories? He will have forgotten by the time I get home! 
He had quite a few dates this week—what a champ, but he didn't write me, so whatever... 

  • Are you doing good? Are you happy?
I’m doing good, I'm way tired which is bad. I still have a lot of work to do, but no stress I'm good kinds of tired. I am happy, but its been a pretty hard week, but don't worry I know why and what I'm doing! 

  • What is your town like? 
My town is little and its nice. Nothing bad happens here, it is just way calm and no robbers or anything. Its just way tranqilo and good. But lots of people like to lie to us or avoid us so thats not cool. 

  • What are the houses like?
The houses here can be nice, there are a lot that are not nice, they are more garbage and just brick, but the most are decent! 

  • How the heck do you ride that bike? Does it hurt your knees or your back?
Yes my knees are getting a little tired, but my butt is worse! Imagine never getting a day off and imagine that I ride for like three hours a day.... so ya, my butt hurts. I got a new seat after that picture was taken, but i thought it was just a funny picture to explain how crappy it was! 

  • How are Tania and Gonzalo. Eva and Maxi??
Tania and Gonzalo have been  avoiding us and Maxi and Eva weren't home yesterday during our cita (appointment) it was rough, but they are good — I hope! 

  • Could you keep taking beautiful pictures of your face like the one with the plate of rice? 
I’m not that good at remembering to take pictures it's not just something I think of, but I'm glad you liked that picture! 

  • Do you know I love you and miss you sooooooo much???
I didn't know that, but I'm glad, I miss you too!

These kids are the ex-missionaries kids that went with us that day and they came to. I love them! :) 

Monday we played some sports and then just went and tried to teach. People canceled but we did get in with one menos activo so that was good! We at least got to teach a little!

Tuesday we had good plans but when we got there with our members they said they didn't have time but these members are way awesome ex-missionaries and they saw a family just chilling by a stream of water from the road and stopped and we thought these three people lesson one, but at least we got to teach something and the people got to feel the spirit!

Wednesday we did exchanges I think it was in English and it was just a fine day we did service in the morning by talking to an old lady and cleaning her kitchen and then that night we didn't really get to teach, but we passed by a lot of people and it was good for those members and we did teach a family. I remember the elder I was with who is my brother, (elder Evans was his first comp) tore his pants on his bike up to his knee somehow! It was way funny! 

Thursday we got to teach a guy who is pretty cool, he is way active in his church and he likes to learn so we are teaching him, but he has been taught a lot and felt like God told him not to worry about man, but only God so he doesn't need to think if Joseph is a prophet. I tried to get him to read the Book of Mormon and see if it is scripture and if it is all is true! So that was good! 

Friday we had interviews with President and it was awesome! I love talking with him and just getting to learn some new stuff. He said I am doing everything I should be and to keep it up! Then we found a menos activo who wanted to go to church again, but it was cool because the day before we found him he had said to his mom, it has been a long time since we have gone to church, we should really go. Then we passed by the next day.

Saturday literally nothing—we got a flat tire and no success!

Sunday we had branch council meeting and I feel like we can progress, so I'm pumped but we didn't have any lessons that day either, but ya it was good to see that we are improving and going places!

So ya—thats my week! I miss you guys a freaking ton, but its good I'm still going somehow and will keep going like I should. 

I love hearing about Taylor, but I get way jealous—its kinda sad, but give it a little more time and that will be me, so no big deal! 


Love, Elder Benedict

I’m fine mom—calm down, all is good! :) 

I’m just tired because its hard mom! I know what to do though. I'm here for my God and my Savior and I am working for them. I know that I can do all the work as long as I keep my faith in them. I know that Christ is watching over me and I know that I will not be pushed passed my limits that is what I meant by I know why and what I'm doing. I know I'm here for God and I know how I can do it. I’m just weak, and still learning. But I am good. 
I love you mom! :)

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