Monday, January 26, 2015

A way good fun week for me!!

Well this week has been a way good way fun week for me! Really I just have felt like it was fun and I'm getting better at loving the people that I am here serving!!! Its just been a blast!

Answers to Questions:

  • Do you take hot showers or cold?
I shower cold usually but that because it is the only moment where I get to stop sweating for a few minutes! So cold is better, but we have plenty of hot water for all four of us to shower hot if we want!

  • Do you do your own laundry?
I do my own undies, we have hermanas (sisters) who do our laundry for us and they are awesome and do a great job! They are great ladies too, so it is fun to visit with them also!

  • Do you go and eat at restaurants or fast food places?
There is a place here called Tentate which is slow food that is kinda like fast food, but its not that good! You can order empanadas some nights so we do that sometimes but not often because we are poor ;) there are ton of just random shops everywhere in this country, to own a business you don't have to do anything more then have a sign and the stuff to do it.

  • Where do you get your hair cut?
We just go to a random Peluquería or just a haircutting shop, they do a decent job in my opinion. They are way christian and have like 30 bibles on their walls, its way weird!

  • How far is it to the nearest grocery store?
We have a vea or Argentine kind of Super Store less then a block from our house so its no problem to go, but its still like time wasting to go there!

  • Are the schools there public or private?
I have no idea about the schools, i think they are public, but kids always have like lab coats for school and some places have like a uniform so I don't know — maybe both, I think more private though!

  • Is the temperature a bit cooler there than in you first area? Do you notice?
I don't think it is any cooler here then it was in my old area, but it definitely is cooler during the nights — it just cools down here better so you can at least handle the heat when it is bed time!

  • Have you received a package from me yet?
No the soonest chance I have to get it is the 31st of this month and if not then I will get it in March! We only go to the offices once a month near the start so if its not there this Friday then I will get it like next month! 

I've been doing good with very little problems—just missing the family! 

Monday we went to this big public building and played volleyball and it was just fun and chill. I don't love my zone a ton, but they are good kids so its fun enough :) but I don't think we had anything special that day that happened!

Tuesday we did intercombios (exchanges) and it was kinda fun. We went and taught a lesson with a ward kid to an old man that is just kinda way crazy and every time we asked him about normal things he would answer and whenever we would ask about God related topics we would sit in silence for about 3 minutes and then he would say "Asi es la vida”, such is the life. It was way weird and way hard. We are gonna make a member go visit him and see what he can do, because that old guy is crazy! :)

Wednesday felt like a waste of a day, nothing happened in the morning and then we just had no luck in the night! But we still worked way hard. :)

Thursday for some reason we just didn't have much luck this day either. It was just a lot of quick chats with people fast and then they would have to go, so we talked to a lot of people but not a lot of lessons. We talked to one lady forever just about missions and who we are and she invited us over any time, but without a gospel topic just to be hanging out and chatting and eating good food and drinking mate! Funny, but I'm not thinking I can do that! :)

Friday we had a way dope activity for the young men this day where we took ten young men on a hour and ten minute bike ride on dirt roads to get to a river and just hang out. They needed our bikes, so we went along in case anyone got tired and it was just cool to be watching the boys riding for the goal and having fun! Then we had normal work because we left the boys to just camp with their leaders and we went home in a truck! That night we passed a blind guy just walking on the side of the road and I asked him if he wanted help? He said he was fine and we road on, but i immediately felt like I needed to go back and talk to him. So I walked and talked with him for thirty minutes. He was way dope! He went blind at nine and he just remembers every street and can just walk on his own because he basically has a map in his head. He would tell us where we were and where we needed to turn left like he could see perfectly, it was just amazing!! I talked about the gospel a little with him and he agreed with what i was saying about prophets and the plan of salvation. So I'm going to go by and teach him even though he doesn't live in my area. Every reference that I have passed to the sisters hasn't ever been talked to and this one is too important to not go to! :) 

Saturday we went about five kilometers on our bikes that morning and taught a new lesson to a nice lady who is maybe crazy, but it was good! We only had fifteen minutes to ride those five or six kilometers back to the house and grab clothes for the bike trip with the boys and make it to a lunch with a very on time hermana! We were two minutes late and we got a text from her telling us she was waiting! Then after that lunch, we biked way fast to the Burnett family to get on the truck to  go to the boys, we got there, ate a little and then we went on the rode. But two boys didn't want to ride so me and my companion got to ride home with the other young men! It was way freaking awesome and there was a ton of puddles on the roads back and I was in street clothes and I just thought why not—and we went and head back first as fast as I could through every single puddle! I got so wet and dirty and it was just everywhere and it was a blast! Most the deacons tried and did the same thing, and we just laughed and had fun! (I don't know if i told you but I'm the second councilor in our young men’s presidency, so me and dad share jobs kinda because our president is kinda less active!) But we got back way dirty and had to sprint to the house because we had a baptism in another area that the girl had asked my companion to do, so we had to get home in twenty minutes from a place that is about a ten to fifteen minute bike ride away shower and get ready and head over! When we were still about 500 yards from the house my companions bike got way flat and we just ran the rest of the way to the pension (apartment). It felt like a triathlon because of the puddles, the biking, and the running! But in the end everything was good and we got there no problem! Then the rest of the night was just normal except we actually taught an honest lesson where the dude just told us he just didn't have the desire to go to church at this point in his life! So we just dealt with it!

Sunday we had two good less active lessons and they said they would start praying and I'm going to text them and remind them of what they said they were going to do through out the week! Then we went to an investigator that I had promised way cool blessing that if she would read a verse every day and pray every night she would know it was true. She didn't read every night, but she prayed and she said she felt a peace and then I told her that was the spirit—it had told her how to continue! It was good and cool! Then we got transfer calls I'm still here going hard, but my companion is out. I’m getting some kid named elder LaFlur or something like that, he is a gringo and I don't know much about him except everyone that is a missionary who has found out has told me it sucks so we will see. I'm keeping my hopes low!

So that was my week we are doing good and hopefully we are going to see some success this transfer and have some progressing investigators that I can tell you about! 

I got this picture from hermana Franco. The younger one he is a pro soccer player and is awesome, he served his mission here 8 years ago and came to live here because he loved it so much and the other is Mario Burnett and the other is all the boys on the trip, so it was a lot! Four of those kids are not members so it was cool, but all those boys live in the sisters area! So ya that stinks for us, because they will now not get taught, but whatever I probably will go teach them anyways! ;) 

I love you all a ton, be safe, and happy, and keep living the dream life!

Love, Elder Benedict

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