Monday, January 12, 2015

Hardest P-Day Yet!

Honestly I can’t lie to you, this has been the hardest p-day of my mission—just the whole thing is way hard, I cried when I saw Taylor’s video because I want to hug him so bad!!! But whatever, for now that can’t happen... I’ll wait my turn somehow.... 

Questions Answered:
  • I just realized that if I am going to send you a package for your birthday I better get a padded envelope in the mail ASAP!! Is there anything that you want or need besides measuring cups and our family recipe book?
I want ties to give to elders that aren't amazing, but still good! Uhh I want letters that are handwritten, pictures, things that will make me think of home in a good way—stuff like that! 

  • What are your plans for p-day today?
We are playing kickball as a zone--so fun stuff planned! 

  • Tell me a little bit about your favorite person in Alvear General.
My favorite person is probably Pablo Yllanez ( The skinnier boy in the picture!) I went with him on my first week here, just me and him and the other boy in the photo and he is just cool and chill!

  • How are you and Elder Perez getting along?
Me and Perez are doing fine, he isn't very obedient which is hard but whatevs we work through it! 

  • What is the coolest thing you did this week?
This week? I broke my bike seat, but dad gets that picture!

  • How are the new investigators?
Uh—we had a zone conference in San Rapheal which was good but ya nothing too special. All the news are good, pray for Tania and Gonzalo and Eva and Maxi those are who I think have the most potential! 

Just so you know I am way jealous of everything that your letter has. Just so you know!

Chinese Rice

Monday, chill normal day, we played soccer. I got way sunburnt and it is way HOT, but it was fun too! We just taught some less actives and it was just fine

Tuesday we taught a menos activo who was baptized as a child and never went to church, but now we are teaching her like an investigator and she actually seems kind of interested so thats cool! Then we just taught one of our old news and she can’t read so its hard, there is a lot of people who can’t read, that makes this way hard, but its good!

My entire mission with D. Todd Christofferson

Wednesday we had zone meeting in San Rapheal the whole day, it was good, I napped, and just chilled, and talked, and ate at a cool restaurant and it was just fine and dandy!

Thursday we taught Tania again and she kinda seems interested and its way cool because her family are all members, but inactive for over 15 years and she never even really knew the church and she is good,but its weird because she just breast feeds through the entire lesson with her boob just chilling, its way weird....

Caramel Cake

Friday we did service in the morning and I got a blister which is sad I don't have my motorcycle hands anymore! That night we helped the other elders with a talent night it wasn't a ton of missionary work, but was good!
Saturday we went out and taught lessons with a 13 year old kid and it was great we taught two new investigators and then we didn't have any more luck, but we helped a member whose brother just died and it was a good use of time and he felt our love and the churches, so all good there!

Sunday we didn't have tons of special stuff—we got a new investigator Juan who is a little crazy and way hard to understand, but way good and he read the Book of Mormon as soon as we left and it was kinda cool because we could see him from where we were reading so maybe he can make it! Then we had another new investigator Eva and Maxi and they are great! They are my age and living together and its weird,  but good and we are going to help them be a eternal family! 

It was a good weekend of teaching and finding really and made me way happy!
So ya my week was good, but almost everyday I was just thinking of how Taylor is now home and I'm here and how weird it is and all this stuff that he is doing with you guys is just crazy, but awesome!! I’m way happy for him and you guys having all this fun—keep killing all the studies!

Tell Taylor he is a champ but he needs to write me and that I love him! 

I love you mom! Be safe and give everyone my love!

Love, Elder Benedict

So ya this is my bike! I sort of broke it this week, but don’t worry I bought a new seat it was just a crappy seat and I'm way too big for the bike, but its just funny that it bent how it did! I loved your comment on Taylor liking mountain biking, maybe all three of us can go when I get home, as long as you don't hurt him again. How did he fall? It couldn't have been a very big jump, but whatever! He is silly—but keep him enjoying it, I'm always jumping off curbs and trying to get courage to jump the ditches they have on all the roads, but the spirit tells me not to so I don't really think I will! So ya—this bike is awesome and I cant wait for the bike I get when I get home, I saw Taylor on that nice bike and I was way jealous I'm way jealous of all the fun stuff you guys are doing, but no stress I want to hear about it! Keep up all the good work and love everyone for me!  I’m happy and sad, but know that we are going to go even harder then you guys are right now, be ready!!!
Love you Dad!

Sincerely, Jayson

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