Saturday, September 5, 2015

I love what I do!

So we made it through the week! It was a good, hard, stressful, but way fun week! I love my job—its hard and not fun sometimes, but honestly I love what I do! 

So to the questions.
I’m going to San Luis this Monday night. I'm going to be there until Thursday night late, late, and then I'm going to sleep a ton, then plan the next week, and then I do it all over again—I'm a little nervous! 

Yes, what happened is getting better slowly, but we still have a lot of stress to see what it brings in the next few weeks! Pray for me in San Luis that I don't lose any missionaries, and that I can get all the work done! 

Facial hair for days

Monday I had to fix a lot of legal things in the mission for what happened last week and it was crazy, but way bad! I had bosses calling me...everyone, and I had just so much stuff going on, and then I just had to wait and do it all. So it was fun and then I kept working!

Tuesday I did tramitez for 5 people. I got some married folk done, and then I got some other homeys done! It was good, but stressful because the married people wanted to go do their stuff so they were pushing me to get it all done! Then more planning and stuff! 

Wednesday I got four girls legal in that day, just got them done, and sat, and sat,and sat, and then took them home. Again I was the bad guy, I bought them food and got everything done without problem, but they were just kinda mean—so that was lame! 

Lunch with my girls Guadalupe and Valaria!

Thursday I got 4 more people legal in the country and that was all good and fun! I just really sat a ton and did it all. There is always huge lines, it really only needs to take like 10 minutes, but whatever it takes us like 3 hours and we just do it and go with it! But then I had my bosses here! Honestly just the 2 sassiest women I have ever met, and I'm not sure I have had so much fun in my mission. We talked about everything that is my job and how I can do it better! There is a program of the church that is specifically for me as secretary of the mission where I can see all the stuff I need to do and put in the info of everything I've done, and it’s so awesome I love it! Other secretaries have never used it right, so I'm like 488 tasks behind and I'm trying to enter all the information in it so that it works, but its just hard! Honestly everything I'm doing In San Luis and for the last little while has been cleaning up the mess of the last secretaries that have been here, but I'm going to take care of all of it so my newbie that takes my place can just do a really easy secretary job! 

They bought me a cactus because it was the day of the secretary, and they
are just way cool to me and we are friends! I love them to death!

Friday greatest day ever! My bosses came and helped me work a ton, and then we chatted and worked some more! They showed me how to use the program more, how i can be a better secretary, how I can track everything I do online, and how I can make my job so much better and easier then I thought it was. Honestly in those 2 days I learned more from those ladies about my job then I did in my entire transfers with Elder Lawrence, but that might be because Elder Lawrence didn't really teach me, nor have any idea what he was doing! The whole time we were working they talked about how nice it was that I understood Spanish, how they could tell I was paying attention, and then when they talked to President they just complimented me for like 10 minutes—it was so cool! I loved it! Then we went to lunch, they bought, and then I took them to the Cierra de la Gloria, and then took them to the airport. It was so fun! Then worked and worked for San Luis. I finally got out of my office at about 11:40pm.

Flash to the past -- with the bosses,  just like the photo when I started the mission

Saturday we went to a church far away to play soccer — way fun, but I also worked that’s why this is here so late! 

So ya I love you a ton! Be safe and happy! Im glad you like the Jeep and are having fun! 

Love, Jayson Benedict

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