Monday, July 13, 2015

Called to be the next mission secretary

Hey calm down I'm not even bad! I’m way happy! I was even happy last week, it was just hard with all that was going on—with it being Lexy´s birthday and everything…I was just having a tough week! It was a lot of stuff that I missed all at once and I was with a dying missionary for all this transfer who lives in Syracuse. Which reminds me you need to go to his home coming this Sunday his name is Elder Kelsten Downs, he is way sick and has some stuff for you guys from me, so you need to go see him right! 

  • When are the Hamideh’s picking up their missionary in Argentina? I would love to be able to send something with them for you for Christmas!!!
They pick up Hammy in October! I’m going to send him home and meet his parents! 

  • I would love to see a picture of you flexing — it is always a little weird to see you soooo skinny and your large shirts make you look even skinnier!!!
I'm really hot now so you might need some sunglasses! 

  • Your hair is looking soooooooo long!!! Is it time for a haircut? I do like it, but it does not seem to follow missionary haircut standards.
My hair is not too long, but I'm getting there so I will cut it soon! 

Monday we had interviews! Good stuff…President might want me to drop the girlfriend, but I'm not thinking so quite yet! ;) and then we went to Cipoleti and we taught my kids! 

Tuesday I’m not really sure what we did, I taught district meeting about burying our weapons of war! It was fun! Then in the night time I went and talked to the assistants while Elder Downs went to his final interview, it was really weird! But I met Elder Child and he is awesome! 

Wednesday p-day shopping and fun stuff like that! Then I don't remember the work…I think Cipoleti! 

Thursday-Friday I honestly don't remember…it was a long week and its all just been a blur since I've gotten here! 

Saturday we went and taught the Pasten family in Cipoleti and then went home to cook some food for Elder Downs’s last night and then as we were getting changed for the night to cook, at like 9pm I get this call from Elder Laurence that I would be the next secretary and that I would be going to the offices Monday morning to start my work! 

Sunday I just said good-bye to all my friends in my area and thats about it! 

Sorry it’s a rough letter, but I want to go out and get to know my area so I'm going a little faster! 

I love you though, be happy for me! 

Write me before this next Saturday because that is when I will be on for p-day! 

I love you and don't forget about my new change! 
Love, Jayson

Pray for me please! 

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