Monday, June 8, 2015

New everything, but doing the same thing

So yes — I'm in all these new things— but its the exact same things I was doing before, so don't stress that! I'm still good and able to function easily! I'm really tired of always having to speak Spanish, but it’s cool I'm working on it and I'm happy! 

  • Who is your new companion? Where is he from?
So my companion is Johnathon Luis Kremer and he is from Buenas Aires.

  • How are you getting along with your new companion? How long has your companion been out? Is he a hard worker?
He is way cool, had some rough past life stuff, but he is a really good guy we get a long well we are really similar, but he is a little more hot headed and likes to play the victim a lot but he is cool and I love him a ton. Me and my comp will be going home the same day, he technically has one more transfer then me, but he didn't have MTC time so he goes home with me instead of the gringos he came with! 

  • Do you live in an apartment?
We live in like a condo I would say, but it’s not nice!! We have a water pump that doesn't work to the bathroom unless its already on or you turn everything on in the room and its a pain but we are in the process of moving to a new one! 

  • Do you walk, ride bikes, or use public transportation?
We walk a lot and take a lot of busses but thats just because my companion doesn't want to walk!! I don't like to pay the money when I can walk — so its like a fifty-fifty!  

  • Are you in a branch, or a ward?
We have a ward that is honestly really big and its awesome! 

  • Tell me everything I need to know!!!
That’s basically everything but we had some super hot days this week! 

Monday we did nothing special just a normal p-day and it was nice, and then I went out and started to talk to all my friends and say goodbye. I got a lot of tears out of people and that made me sad, but its okay I’ll live! 

Tuesday more of what I did Monday, but I went and visited Roberto and it was really hard for me— I really love that man! Belen showed me the message he sent to you and I almost cried, I love him like crazy! But it’s cool I'm a big boy, I can leave that family behind! 

Wednesday I was on a bus for 8 hours to get to my new area, but its cool I saw some awesome movies, one Expendable 3 with Mel Gibson and all the cool action people, and then I saw a Fault In Our Stars and I cried and was not okay—that show sucks, I want to read the book now so bad and it was so good, but wow did it hurt me and it made me want to be with my girlfriend so bad, but thats cool… again I'm a big boy and can leave that family behind!
Thursday we went out and did some service for an investigator for a while, well like all morning. He owns a gym and my comp and him are like best friends and it was just good to meet him and have some time with him.

Friday we went and taught the same gym guy Favio and his girlfriend, he stopped living with her due to the law of chastity and now all he needs is to come to church and that’s cool and we taught a little bit about the atonement and just all those good things! 

Saturday we taught Favio again in the morning with one of his friends Luis and his buddy is way cool, we taught the restoration and Favio helped us teach it because he knows it and understands it even though he hasn't been baptized and hasn't gone to church he still knows it all well, so it was awesome! Then we did visits with some way awesome young men and it was fun!

Sunday Favio came to church—this is the first time we have been able to get him there and he came and it was awesome and he liked it I think! He even got up and bore his testimony to the congregation because he loves missionaries and we had some guys who are leaving soon bear their testimonies and Favio wanted to too! It was really awesome! Then we had a meeting so I could learn how to be a leader and then we hung put with some young ward members, shared some scriptures and it was just awesome! 

Really a good week! I’m happy with my companion and everything is well with me, so don't you guys worry about me huh! 

I love you like crazy mama and you look skinny in your picture you sent me, just so you know! 

I love you and tell everyone they rock! 

Love, Jayson

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