Monday, May 18, 2015

Way Good Week

Its been a way good week I'm honestly not sure I have ever taught so much in my entire mission, it is freaking crazy and awesome at the same time! I don't have a ton of time, but I will try to explain it all. 

  • How are your investigators doing this week?
All the investigators are doing really well and learning and its really good! 

  • The weather looks like it is awesome this week for you—but pretty cool overnight. Do you have enough warm clothes? Do you need to go buy more sweaters?
I have plenty of warm clothes and some days I can still wear short sleeves, but I'm also a hot body and I'm riding a bike everywhere! 

  • Tell me something you love about your companion?
He is way funny and likes to be happy! He is way outgoing, but only in English and he just knows a lot of fun stories! 

  • Tell me something that can drive you crazy about the missionaries in your apartment?
Something that drives me crazy…over sleeping in the morning!! We all got sick this week and slept in two days and now they just keep doing it and it bugs me so bad! That and not leaving on time! People think that unless we know we are going to teach we don't need to leave the pension, but thats dumb! We have a schedule of work hours and if you don't want to do  it then
go home! I'm sick of being your mom!! I hate being mom of the pension and tell people what we should be doing.

I went way hard on baking this week -- so I have a bunch of pictures!!

I made way good banana bread!!

Monday we taught Joana and it was good but sorta tense. I don't know if they are having relationship problems, well I know they are, but it was just a little odd. We are going to keep seeing what we can do. We also cooked an asado (its like the Argentine barbecue) it was so good! I’ve actually started to like meat, I don't know whats happened, but there is this one kind that is super good! 

Tuesday we also taught a lady named Patricia and her son. She is a member, but the not her family, but they are all kinds of ready! So we are going to keep working with them, but the problem is they live 4 kilometers away. At least I get a good work out in! 

Wednesday we taught the great grandparents and it was good and awesome, way fun people!

I made these rolls -- but they weren't as fluffy as mom's

Thursday we had two lessons with members, a lady named Margarita who is awesome, she is reading the Book of Mormon and enjoying it I think, and she has way good questions and it was just some really good stuff! We then taught Andrea and Italo and it was just a quick little thing for them and I liked it a lot! 

Friday we taught a buddy of mine named Daniel and it was good! He liked it — way nice guy! We then taught an old investigator Gonzalo and it was just nice to see him again and get to chat with him!

Chicken Cordon Bleu -- we made it, it was way easy. My companion is way cool to  cook stuff like that!

Saturday we taught a guy named Walter. Me and my companion were way tired so we were kinda going lazy, but at least we made it into this house and shared a little bit about reading the scriptures. It was good and a good reminder for him about what he is missing! 
Sunday we taught Patrica again and blessed the home.  We got the Catholic father involved and he seemed to like us and kinda became our friends because of the blessing we gave. It was awesome and I loved it! Then we taught Margarita again about the Plan of Salvation…it was good stuff!

I made braided ham and cheese bread, and I also made a cinnamon brown sugar braid, but we ate it before I could take a picture!

So we have taught a ton as you can see. Honestly the best week of teaching in my mission so thats cool!! I love it here, I'm doing good! I'm way out of time and have to go catch a bus for todays activities, but I love you a ton and miss you like crazy!

Love, Jayson

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