Monday, April 6, 2015

My Broken Bike is Ridiculous!!!

Mom, I know your not a baby when you can see me, and I can smile at you and tell you I’m cold and steal your sweater and all that, but when I’m over 7 thousand miles away I don’t think you are as tough! When you can hear me say that tickled, or just tell you I’m fine every ten seconds — its a little harder! 

  • What did you do for Easter?
So for Easter we watched a lot of conference and we also painted some eggs—I forgot to take pictures of them, but I do have one I think the one I made for my comp, I have no time to send it, but it was fun. I love president Gerry so much!! I can’t even tell you, he makes me feel so loved when so few people make me feel that way, he just really takes good care of me! I love him to home and back! 

  • Tell me about the Peanut Butter lady—did you ever get to go back and teach her?
So Olga Dubroesky is this cool lady and yes we taught her again and then this week we went and made cheesecake with her, but she doesn't want to listen to the gospel at all, so thats a little rough! But way cool nice lady!

  • Taylor is trying to find a girl to double date with you when you get home—it might take him awhile at the rate he is going. He needs to stay home to meet any girls—he is never home!
Haha — tell him he is silly! He is going to be married by the time I get home. Sin duda, he is a little crazy face ;) but I’m all downs for coming home to people who want me ;) 

  • Were you able to get your bike fixed?
I can not even begin to describe to you how badly my bike broke this week it’s ridicules. The rim has been breaking over time due to daily use for four years and it got broke and sharp and cut the outside tire and the inside tube. We were almost three kilometers from home when this happened and so I took out the tube cut it up into pieces and used it to tie the big tire around the rim that is broken so I could ride home. Because I need to buy new parts for all that—a rim, a new tire, and a new tube so that sucks! I’ll send that picture next week too! 

  • How is you tummy? Do you ever get sick from anything that you eat there? Are you still losing weight or are you pretty stable weight wise?
I'm pretty much just flat on the weight right now, but I'm not working out like I should I'm just way too tired in the morning so I usually just shower and count that as exercise ;) 

  • Yes the weather cooling down as you go into the fall season or just rain? By the way—maybe you need to go buy yourself a rain coat — something that is truly waterproof!
Ya its just cooling down, not a ton of rain — it doesn't rain much here really,so don't stress that. 

  • Are you sleeping good?
I sleep okay…but the bugs do love to eat me, so that’s rough! 

My week! 
Monday tons of looking and we taught this nice family they don't really want much from us, but they were nice enough to let us in and then we are going back I think tomorrow night. Their names are Deigo and Marianna! 

Tuesday we got to go teach Ruben! Way cool guy…he read a tiny bit of the Book of Mormon and that was awesome and then we read with him part of chapter 11 in 3 Nephi and you could feel the spirit! He couldn't make it to conference due to his buddie needed him to take to the hospital, but he wanted to! 

Wednesday we got to teach this girl named Ana, way nice lady she is studying to be a scientist who studies the pollution's in the air and water of Argentina. She is way smart!! I told her I was going to go into science and she offered me an old text book. I was so tempted, you don't even know, but I didn't take it!! She is way cool and just asked us a lot of questions about our beliefs and then she asked us how we could know that our church is true?  Explaining it to her was awesome!! Way cool lady, I can’t wait to teach her again! 

Thursday and Friday we visited a lot of meno activos and shared a thing the church is doing in english — I think it would be because he lives or something like that and its cool so we are trying to share that with everyone and get some references! That was all we did that day and telling lots of people about conference! 

Saturday and Sunday —  conference, it was a little weird because we had no choice but to listen to it I Spanish usually there is a room for the gringos to go and listen in English but no!! It was way sad, but I still understood most of it, I just missed a few things when people were talking too fast, but really great stuff! My comp refused to go out and work during conference, but finally with enough of twisting his arm we went out for an hour and a half on Sunday, honestly I was just tired and done. I’ll be honest — I'm pretty ready for transfers! 

So that was the week! Honestly a pretty good week, hard and long as always— but a good week! Way jealous of the fun you had, it looks awesome!! I want you to know that I love you guys like crazy and I hope you have a great week to come. Tell David Hibbert he needs to write me back please! 

I love you mamma! Give everyone my love! 

Love, Jayson

**Quick question — who is the guy who sings the song about the sinking of the Edmunds Fitzgerald? I was thinking the other day, and I can’t remember his name! 

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