Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Watched over and protected

I miss you? Did you know that? Because I do a lot! I’m living for when you ask me to go shopping with you, but I still need a treat ;)

So to answer your questions:
  • Have you received any letters or packages from me yet?
I have only gotten one letter from you! It was a birthday one with hearts and came in a red envelope that is all I have received from the family here in the mission!

  • What has happened this week with Etalo and the wedding?
Etalo and Adrea broke up and that means none of what we thought was going to happen is going to happen, but thats okay we can deal with that. I think its God testing our faith so that we have to keep going sometimes—it just hard but at least we keep going! Pray for us to find a miracle family please! 

  • Were you standing on your toes at Zone Meeting (picture) or are you getting taller?
No I don't think I'm standing on my toes, I think I'm just that size, I'm kinda a big person!

  • We have been terrible about studying the scriptures and I am going to try to get back to that this week—how are your studies going?
I love studying so much, it’s so much easier then everything else I do! I have read all of the special books—Jesus the Christ, True to the Faith, Our Heritage and Our Pursuit for Happiness and Preach My Gospel twice, the Book of Mormon in English, I'm halfway through the New Testament in English and half way through the Doctrine and Covenants in English, a third in Spanish, and I’m in Alma 10 in Spanish. So I'm studying good, I'm also working on my Spanish practice book, but I've just started working through all the problems in that!

  • How old was this girl who made out with you ear and what did she say (English) and what did you say? (English)
She said “Oh my mistake”, and then after a couple seconds of confusion I said “Wait, what was I saying again?” Really embarrassing....

  • Do you have a favorite food or drink in Argentina???
I really like alfajors here, its way good— nothing like what we had in the states mom! I also really like chicken milinesa! 

My week! 
Monday we had no luck, but we played a ton of soccer. We played from one until three with the missionaries and at three we went to our church until five-thirty and played with the ward kids. Way fun, but I was way tired, and then a normal Argentine night!

Tuesday we had exchanges, I think it is in English and I got a Latin Catalan or catman! He is way fun and we had a good night! It was pouring rain and even in my waterproof coat I got wet! It was a ton of water and fun! We taught a lesson to a nice lady and I realized that I had forgotten how to teach because it has been so long, so that was sad! Then we got to share the new church video with familia Arias and it was good, but the hermana just talked to us about how the worlds people are not human anymore... it was interesting..

Wednesday—sorta a lazy day but we went over to the other wards bishops panadaria to help him cook some stuff in the morning and then I had to trade my comp back. It was fun to be with bishop, but then my comp was jealous that he didn't get to go be with bishop, so we had to go again because La Fleur needed to go too... so an hour later we left, but he said he liked my cake so thats good! Then we went and worked but it was president Gerry’s Birthday and I made the cake for him, so I took him a piece and it was fun and then we stayed because they asked us to stay and enjoy the birthday! So we did, if you have a friend request from Roberto Gerry in Facebook accept and write him he speaks English perfectly, he is way awesome and I love him a ton—please write him! 

Thursday we taught our recent convert and he literally just kept working on his papers and didn't even pay us any attention. I was annoyed, and then he said the prayer to end, he just stopped in the middle to just talk to someone who walked by. Way weird and I didn't like it, other then that a normal day of knocking doors! I love knocking doors! 

Friday we taught this guy Ruben who is awesome, a cool reference from a ward friend and it was just a nice lesson one! He seems interested and is still sad about his wife leaving him, but i think he might actually be ready to progress and change and be happy in the gospel—at least I hope!

Saturday we didn't really have any luck because my bike broke as you can see in the second picture, just zoom in and look at the handle bars and where they are just hanging! So I fixed that by replacing it with a stick until I could take it to a shop today! We did teach Manuel who is the menos activo whose wife isn't a member and when we asked him if he thought the church helped his family he said, “Yes”, and then in thinking said “It will probably help the family he is raising now too!” Way cool stuff and we are going to keep working with them and I'm pumped!

Sunday we had no luck—we worked hard but got nothing, but it was still fine! I’m getting used to having days of nothing! President Gerry dropped it hard and told people to give us references so we are getting them, so this week should be better! 

The trip sounded awesome and glad you are happy and everything is good! 

I love you so much mommy — don’t ever forget that! 
Love, Elder Benedict

Dad, I’m sorry you had the two headed dragon as we call it in the mission, we just poop in the toilet and vomit in the bidet... its unfortunate for us as well—could it have been from something you ate? Thats what it usually is for us! I’m sorry, it sounds like a rough thing! 

I want to go biking so bad! I have some pictures from this week about my bike breaking so don't stress you'll get them later! I had a cool experience this week, I was riding my bike and in my area there is a huge rotunda, there was a car that was going around it and it had its blinker on and the truck that was stopped in front of me moved forward a little like he was going to follow her through the rotunda, so I went—the truck slammed on his brakes and I don't really have good breaks and I rammed in to this ladies car, I fell over and my foot and ankle got ran over by the car. I was so scared for a couple seconds as I sat on the ground thinking I was getting sent home for a broken ankle. I jumped up as fast as I could and apologized to the lady... I know without a doubt that God protected me in this moment. I know I'm here for something specific and God wants me here still. Thank you for your prayers, I feel inspired to tell you that I think they helped! I love you dad so much! 

I hope you have a great week! 
Love, Jayson

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