Monday, March 16, 2015

Pray for them!

Your guyses weeks sounds super crazy and way fun and I'm super jealous. I received like three letters each form you guys and it took me forever to figure out what was all going on, but it sounds like its awesome! I’m way happy you got to at least do the second dive! That sand hill is sick, all of it is awesome I hope you are keeping a detailed journal of it so we can talk about it when I get home! I'm still waiting in those recipes!!!! ;)

Elder Benedict and Elder LeFleur

Monday we had a lesson and a menos activo—way good day! I don't really remember with who they were but I got to at least teach a little that day, half of this weeks teaching almost in one day and I can't even remember who they were! 

Tuesday and Wednesday we had no lessons, but it was the last days of Elder Houghton so we thought we would go way hard and we made sweet and sour chicken with ham fried rice it was so freaking good, I can’t even tell you! I miss Chinese food so much its crazy!!!! But it was way yummy and then that photo, that tie is from him and the tie clip too— I love that kid so much and I can’t wait to party with him when I get home from the mission!

Sweet and Sour Chicken and Ham Fried Rice

Thursday we taught two people, one way awesome and one less so! Christan is this way anti social kid who is way weird and likes to say the S word a lot and it bothers me... but his grandma wants us to help him through the church and the young men! but he is just hard! The second was cintia she is way awesome and has had good experiences with the church and she knows God has saved her life for something and we are going to show her why. A member once helped her leave the grave of someone she loved and talked to her about Gods plan and she called the words of that person totally beautiful so we are going to explain all that to her on this Wednesday and I'm pumped! 
Elder Houghton and Elder Benedict

Friday we had a big activity for the ward this day that me and my comp mostly me put on it was way crazy and fun but it worked well we had about 30 people there, two of the hermanas investigatores came and we had a ton of empanadas, it was a big competition of empanadas! 

Saturday we went over to this guy Johnatons house, he is a menos activo and way cool guy. He knows what he needs to do, but just isn't coming back to the church. It sucks because he is way awesome. His wife isn't a member and his son is 9 years old not baptized, but they are all awesome and I love them! Pray for them! 

Sunday I had my first investigator from my area above the age of 13 come to church today but he wasn't one of our investigators, he is the husband of a inactive lady who came to church, but i think they have a ton of potential and I’m way pumped to help them change there lives even more, we have a lesson with them tomorrow! Then we had a lady that we knocked her door say to us ¨I will never join the church (reading our plaque) of Jesus Christ. It was really interesting to see the way the Spirit changed as she said that, but its her loss! 
It was a good, long, hard week but we made it through and I can't wait to see what this next week brings! Your trip is sounding awesome and I cant wait to hear more!

I love you a freaking ton! 
Love, Jayson

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