Friday, March 27, 2015

Day of Miracles

23 March 2015

We should definitely go to Hawaii when i get home. I would love that so much! Im thinking that I'm not sure I want you guys to come get me, I would rather go on vacation with you guys here in Argentina later when I've had time to miss it... like a year or two, or five after... ;) So I think a Hawaiian vacation would be awesome! 

So the story that Elder La Fleur told you about—we were sitting in correlation meeting with our leader of mission work for our branch and his granddaughter walked in and kissed the old man on the head (my leader missional is like 900 years old, so normal here in Argentina) and then the sister missionaries got little cheek kisses that is way normal here in Argentina too, but as Elders we are not supposed to get kisses from women and this girl comes up and when she is against my face everyone is like wow! Wow! Wow what are you doing and she opens her mouth around my ear and says ¨Oh me oquivoqué¨ in like a whisper... my ear was literally wet after from her spit that got on it....I was so confused and worried that I was going to hell that all train of thought was gone! I was in the middle of talking when this all happened, so when it all happened I was struck dumb, as people waited for me to finish my thought... I literally said, “¿Que estaba diceindo?”and everyone laughed at me...but I got back on, but funny story! 

We taught a lot of great people and a ton of menos activos and a miricle has happened in my area so it was a good week! 

Monday we went to a bodega (cellar) that was way awesome! I would send you pictures but my camera is dead so I can’t I'm sorry....but way cool and way interesting to see how all the wine worked!  We did teach a menos activo that day—I’m not sure who but we did! 

Tuesday was way amazing, and day of miracles! We started the day with district meeting and it was good, and then at 4pm we went over to the house of Etalo, he is the guy who came to church last Sunday out of the blue, so when we got in with him we started talking and he said, “So here is the thing, I want to be baptized so that we can be married in the temple.” They are currently not married because they want to do it in the temple and we told them they needed to get married first normally and then baptized, and then they can wait a year and then get married in the temple! They told us they wanted to get married in the temple sooner then a year, but we said most likely it will  be a full year, but they said fine and then started talking about a date for them to get married like the 11 of April or the 18 of April, and then doing the baptism the same day! It was the coolest miracle I've seen yet!  They have been living in this area for over a year and a half and then all the sudden now they want to do this? Way awesome stuff! 

Wednesday we had service and then we went to San Raphael and hour and a half away for a meeting we had the next day.

Thursday we had zone meeting this day with San Raffy zone and with President and the assistants—way cool stuff, great teachings and was just a good thing, but other then the meeting nothing happened for us! 

Friday we worked all morning with very little luck and then at the night we went over to a menos activo and taught him. He is way awesome, he was assistant in his mission and now doesn't go to church, he was even branch president for awhile here in this area, so I don't get it, but he is good! We had lunch with him the next day too, but then he didn't come to church…rough stuff! Then we went and blessed the home of a menos activo and it was cool to chat with him, he has way giant dread locks! 

Saturday we went to Johnaton Sosa and taught him and his wife a little about  weak things becoming strong and he is awesome, but still doesn't come to church so thats hard, but its way awesome still to try and help him! 

Sunday we had a meeting for what felt like forever, but it was good and we are just trying to help with the animo of the branch and all that good stuff other then that nothing really! 

A way good week really, it may not seem it but it was a way awesome week! My comp and I are going at it hard!

I love you mommy and can't wait to talk to you in six weeks, 

Love you forever and always! 
Love, Jayson

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