Monday, March 2, 2015

God is blessing us with peanut butter and really cool people that I love!

I want everyone to know that my heart got a little broken when you wrote me and told me that Jesika is moving! 
Its not just hard for you mamma... I'm feeling your pain—you need to remember that me and my siblings weren't really friends until a year, or a little more ago, so to think of me not having a chance to hang out with her after really bites me too!

  • Who are you teaching right now?   
We are teaching Camila and Gonzalo and Marcus and that’s really all the people that we are trying really hard to get going, but we have a ton of people we are teaching. 

  • How are your feet doing?
My feet are way good, I never walk I just bike everywhere! 

  • Are you heathy and strong? Are you eating any veggies at all?
I'm strong, and healthy too, and yes we had french fries for dinner 4 times this week—those are vegetables right? People always make this tomato salad here and I always eat some for lunch! 

  • Are you still doing Body of Gods
Sorta of, the work outs I'm lazier now, I do most of the push ups, but the abs I struggle a little more now. 

  • Do you have beds in your kitchen? Where do you sleep?
Yes we have beds in the kitchen, but the kitchen and the living room are the same here, so its just like we have beds in the living room that are really close to the kitchen. :)

This week!
Monday we went and taught Camilla and Gonzalo and they are awesome I really love talking to them, but its really hard to teach them because we never run out of things to talk about, but thats okay we taught the word of wisdom a little and then taught them how to pray, but Gonzalo wasn't really paying attention but it was awesome and I  loved it!

Tuesday we found two news—Hernan and Florencia.  Hernan seems really interested but Florencia no. We taught all of lesson one and the at the end before we could teach prayer Hernan asked us how he could know for himself. It was awesome, so maybe he will make it, they are just way hard to find! 

Wednesday it was pouring rain all day so we walked in the morning because my comp didn't want to ride in the rain and we got nothing done at all, literally nothing, but we went and got a plate that I had left at a members house because I gave them banana bread and he offered us a ride home and it was awesome! So that was cool, then we just taught a couple menos activos! 

Thursday we got nothing this day, we talked to a lot of people, but nothing more then that! 

Friday literally one of the best days of my mission! Me and Elder Houghton, one of my zone leaders did intercombios (exchanges) and we did some good work. We went and taught Gonzalo prayer and we talked about the hand of God in his life. He told us a huge list of miracles that he has seen in his life, and we told him that we need to give thanks to God for these things and ask for what we need and we will see even more miracles. He said he would pray, and then yesterday we found he did! He prayed and told us I just feel like I have so many things I need to give thanks for, even more then I could when I prayed! Way awesome!! Then we taught a menos activo about tithing and he said he would! Then we got besitos from a lesbian and that was weird but cool. She asked us how our church felt about gays, we told her God has his law about man and women, but he loves her still and stuff and after that she gave us besitos! Then me and elder Houghton knocked the door of a literal mansion — like nicer then our house and the lady answered and let us in... We taught a lesson in the mansion just a quick one, but still that house was incredible, and then we just found some cool people opening the mouth that night! 

Saturday we taught a menos activo and then basically just opened the mouth. I found lemon poppy seed bread and it was so good, I miss that stuff so bad! Then we did a abrir la boca (opened the mouth) and the lady told us to come back and she would make us some tea and some bread with peanut butter. We freaked out and asked her where she found peanut butter? She said wait right here, don't move. So we waited and she came back with this huge jar of peanut butter and told us, “La mitad por cada una de ustedes”. “You each get half the bottle,” and gave it to us. It’s like bigger then a Skippy bottle, but smaller then the big Jif ones—its just Walmart brand, but I have peanut butter now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That night we taught Marcus, he is a boxer and way awesome! He is really just way cool, but when we ask about God he says, I cant tell you what I believe because I have never done religion, I've never even thought of what Christ is. When we talk he bases all he knows off of what he saw in the movie. He saw Passion of Christ so its weird, but he is way awesome and I feel like he is interested. He is going to fight next week in Buenos Aries so thats way cool and he is awesome and he  has a way cool family!

Sunday we didn't teach anyone but we abrir la boca and found cool people! 

Honestly, one of the best weeks of my mission and it was incredible! God may not be blessing us with baptisms, but he is blessing us with peanut butter and really cool people that I love! I love it here in Argentina and what I'm doing! God and Jesus truly are real and I am blessing people with the opportunity to experience the joy that this gospel brings and I love it!! I love my God and I love what I've had the chance to do, and what I can still do! I love you and miss you and I really can hardly wait the 69 days to talk to you, its so close—we are already half way done with the wait! I can’t believe I've already been here for 200 days just doing that two and a half more times and I'm done its so crazy and I love it!!! I love it all!!! I'm way emotional today, but thats okay! I love you guys a ton and I miss you like crazy!! Tell Jesika I love her and I'm praying for them. 

I LOVE YOU TO ARGENTINA, THE MOON, KOLOB, AND BACK, don’t you dare forget it! 

Love, Jayson Benedict

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