Monday, February 23, 2015

I have 40 birthday emails!

I loved your talk, it was way good mom! I’m way proud of you! This letter has to be fast again because I got on today and I have 40 birthday emails—I can’t handle it!!!!

Oatmeal Cake that I made for my birthday!

So questions:
  • How are your Book of Mormon studies going?
I love the Book of Mormon!!  I’m in Mosiah 3 in Spanish, but I already read it in English once. I read Jesus the Christ, Preach My Gospel, True to the Faith and I'm in Corinthians in the Bible I love studies—they are the best!

  • How is Hector doing?
Hector, is going through a hard time and went back to his old church and dropped us, but its cool--we will be able to help him eventually!

  • Tell me one of your most favorite things about Argentina.
I don't know—I need to think on what I love…Sorry!

  • I got a picture from Becca of you and Elder Peters!! Man I love to see your face!!! Please send me pictures of your cute face!!
The AP's came to stay for a few days--Elder Peters and Elder Benedict

Monday we had a normal work day and it was long because it should have been p-day but it was fine. We did service and taught a new investigator who is weird but good!

Burning my tie to celebrate six months serving!

Tuesday we had intercambios (exchanges) and it was way weird! We walked over 20 kilometers from 4pm until 10pm because I was in the other elders area and their bikes were broke, so it was awful!! We had a cool lesson in the middle of nowhere that I thought I might die at because the lights went out in the middle of the lesson and it was scary, but it was good and we just walked fast the last 4 kilometers to the bus stop in a lightning storm. Thankfully a kid that we talked with earlier that day stopped his dads car and gave us a ride home! It was an amazing miracle!
3 kilos of ice cream to celebrate!!

Wednesday was our p-day. We just chilled and slept!

Thursday and Friday we worked hard but literally had nothing!

Saturday we still had nothing this day, but we were going to a meeting we had, on the way it was like my bike hit a invisible small wall and I got launched about 10 feet and landed and rolled a few times with  no problem to my clothes or my hands or anything—but the rim of my wheel literally bent in two places in half, it was crazy! I’ll show you what it looked like when we bend it back next week! 

I got a cactus from the pension and mate made from palo santo  that smells amazing.
The yerba is signed by my favorite  family. Way good birthday!

Sunday for my birthday Elder La Fleur gave me a cactus, and then the family Burnet gave me a mate and yerba with their names on it! I’m going to keep it forever, because it makes me way happy! Then we just had a normal night, but it was a good day and I loved it — good, but weird! I’m going to go shopping today and will send you photos! 
We also had the assistants in the pens (apartment) this week and it was a blast to hang out with them and just have a great time! Honestly it seems like its been a hard week, but God has been helping us a ton to help our burdens feel light, and to just keep going! I know that God is treating me great in this area. He is trying to give me blessings but people have agency and for that we may not have success, but I know that He is making my burdens light that I may be able to bear them! I love you all so much!! Tell Jes and Taylor that I will write them next week and that I love them a ton! Don’t forget you still have to write me while you’re on your trip! 

I love you to the moon and back and I love my God and this gospel a ton! 

Love, Jayson 

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