Friday, March 13, 2015

Good Week

So this week has been good! So to quickly answer your questions:

  • How long have you and your companion been together now?
We have been together for 6 weeks now and we will be together 6 more!

  • Have you cooked anything yummy lately?
No I haven’t really, I made some onion fried rice the other day that was awesome but nothing desert wise. This Wednesday or Tuesday I'm making Magic Bars so that should be awesome!! I want the monkey bread recipe and the lemon poppyseed recipe!

  • How are Hernan and Florencia doing this week?
We haven’t been able to find them again since we taught them but we are working!

  • It looks like it has been pretty hot lately—how are you staying cool, or are you just use to the heat?
We are just hot and deal with it but really its fine! 

Monday we had a ton of lessons planned but they all fell, so we didn't teach, but we did alb and at least we had that going for us! 

Tuesday all of our citas fell again so we went around knocking doors and then when we had done that for an hour or two we went back to a cita that fell and we got in and taught and it was awesome! 

Elder Benedict and Elder Houghton and their jar of peanut butter
Wednesday we were way tired and my comp didn't want to work so the morning was kinda a wasted we worked, but not great! Then we had two lessons that day, we had one with Camila and Gonzalo and then we had one with a guy named David, he is the husband of the bishop of a different wards daughter, so its weird but they won’t come to our ward, they just want to go to the other wards activities so it sucks, but way awesome teaching!

Thursday we had no luck this day, but had a ward baptism that was awesome that I loved a ton, one of our menos activos was there and he felt the spirit so strong, we are going to go visit him and see what we can do to help him to come back to the church it should be awesome! 
Friday we had zone conference and it was good, and then in the night we had a lesson with a menos activo that we thought was an investigator, but he is interested in learning again and letting his kids listen and we are going to reactivate him and get his family baptized. I'm way pumped for it really! Thats me just being hopeful — we will see what really happens! 

Saturday we went over to the church to clean a little and the young men were having an activity and a investigator of the hermanas came and he brought an other friend. Me and my comp taught that friend and it was awesome and he is going to be taught by other elders and it should be awesome!

Sunday we had no luck with anyone but a lot of appointments, pero no luck with other peoples lessons but really an awesome week and it was just fun! 

Elder LeFleur and Elder Benedict
We got transfer calls and it was awesome and I'm staying with my comp, but my really good friend who is from Provo Elder Houghton is leaving and I'm way sad, but its cool I’ll live, but I hate the other zone leader who is staying so thats a bummer, but I’ll live. 
I love you a ton mom, I hope the trip goes well! 
I love you forever and back! 

Love, Jayson!

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