Tuesday, March 22, 2016

19 months as a missionary


I’m really tired of sending all my letters in the same way all the days and it never gives you any idea of me or anything…just my work which is lame! I mean I want you to know what I'm doing, but I also want you to know how I'm doing. I

I feel like a ton of people are now married and having babies and I didn't even know. McCall Elllet is having a kid? What? Melissa is married? What? That’s just weird, I need some heads up! I’m feeling really good, I got to go running this week and it felt good to go out in the mornings and get the blood pumping! I love the workouts! I’m glad that I now have the ability to do it a lot better then I ever could. I’m starting to really feel strong, like it feels good to be me! I still have a lot of stomach fat when I bend over, but its fine I'm getting there! ;) so now to the week!

Monday was p day. We played Ping Pong with Jorge — it was fun and nice, but nothing special and then it rained all night. No one let us in, but we taught the Funez  Familyat the end of the day! 

Tuesday we rocked a quick district meeting and then we went and did service with a kid named Alen who cut off all his thumb last week. Way sad, but a way awesome kid. I really like him! Then in the night we didn't have much luck! 

Wednesday we went to the ribera and it was good, but like no one was home. We taught a family named Torrez and it was awesome, but they didn't make out to church, but they even gave us a little dinner. :)

Thursday we taught Jorge’s wife that he is separated from named Nancy. Nice lady, but a little weird. It was nice to explain who we were and why I'm here from so far away, it was really good and then we talked to Jorge about it and he was so happy! He really wants his wife to see that he is changing and he is doing all in his power to be a good person and he is doing this of his own will! It’s awesome! I felt great!

Friday we went back to the ribera and taught Janina and she was good, but I left my agenda there and I was so sad. But it was good to talk to her. She said she was going to go to the church, but didn't make it. Then Quiroga’s, they were good, but Mira and Graciela a daughter and the mom had just separated from their men. The mom was married, I don't knows what’s going on there and Mira and Alejandro, the guy of hers have a 7 year old kid so it was just sad....

Saturday we went to a child baptism and chatted with Maxi and Sofia and they said they would go to church and then they forgot to wake up….sad. Then we taught Daniel Rojas and it was awesome to chat with him. He is such a great convert! He had to work Sunday, but him and another mormon friend who are buddies at work sluffed an hour and made it just for the sacrament in the other ward. He is so cool! I love how he speaks about the Holy Ghost— I think he gets it better then me.

Sunday we had a random miracle that happened, a new family came to church out of the blue! The guy Rodolfo is a member, but his wife? Or girlfriend? Is not so we are going to go this week maybe to teach them. They live like 8 km from where we normally work so we will see how we make it work, its kinda a hard game. Then that night we had ice cream with Jorge for his birthday and it was fun to chat with him an just make him feel loved. Then the Quiroga family we taught the restoration with them and it was great. Like awesome! Even Alejandro and Jose the moms husband were there. I don't know the situation, but maybe everything is okay. 

So there is the week, it was a little dry not a lot of teaching, but it was good. I’m good! Yesterday I hit 19 months of being a missionary with His name on my chest and I love it. I have less then 5 months to go and I'm feeling weird about it, but I know that God will make it all good and I will be strong and able to help his children for the time that I have left. I love the Lord and I know he wants me to have success! I’m doing this for him! 

I love you mom be safe and happy and way to go on getting revelation — the Lord is a champ! I’m glad it all worked out for you! Be strong and keep killing it! 

Love, Jayson

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