Sunday, July 10, 2016

Really Little Time

I’m doing good this week, but I have really little time…I mean this could be a little short! 

Yes I’m being safe! We were in one neighborhood after a big gun fight and that was weird! Other then that good, my comp and I are good!

Monday we went and taught two kids who were awesome and invited us for soccer on Saturday!

Tuesday we taught Gabriela se llama bnd she is cool, hopefully I can teach her tomorrow and get her to go to church she wants to be baptized I think so I need to just help her get there!

Wednesday we just taught a less active that wants to come back!

Thursday we taught the Jofre’s so that was good—a lot of testifying!

Friday we had a way good bbq and it was awesome!

Saturday we played soccer and taught a guy named Daniel!

Sunday we had a good meeting, and then we had surprise lunch. We then had a bunch of less actives and I drank a ton of good mate cocido! :) 

I love you mom!! Sorry for the sucky email! 
I’ll see you soon! 

Love, Jayson

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