Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Same Area -- New Companion

20 June 2016

This week has been good, but we didn't really work like at all, but I'm going to explain that. First I am staying in my area and I am getting a new companion named Elder Mollis it’s going to be awesome! I’m way excited, he is a good kid! :) I do go home and will be home August third at 10:30am so yupp awesome!

Monday normal p-day and taught Jofre, it was good, but nothing special! 

Tuesday we went out  working, but no one was home or could attend us so that was sad, but it was a good day!

Wednesday we had exchanges with the district leader and it was good. I got to teach a little which was fun! I ate a full green pepper that about killed me, we had to chew it for 40 seconds and then we swallowed it was awful! But thats life! :)

Thursday we tried to have a interview for Cristion, but it didn't happen so we just tried to set it for the next day and get all that stuff ready! 

Friday we had the interview in the morning and then the baptism at night and it was awesome! I was way happy! 

Saturday worked in the morning and then had meetings at night.

Sunday we had a random interview with President Goats because my comp was being so bad that the branch president complained so that was weird, and basically I just told him all the stuff he has been doing wrong, so that sucked and was way awkward and still is! But it’s good! 

So yupp now I'm just finishing strong! 
I love you guys be safe! 

Love, Jayson

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