Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Digging Trenches and Sharing the Gospel

08 February 2016

It’s been a good week, a little harder—we didn’t really teach much, but we worked hard and thats all that matters! I’m feeling good! I am sore and tired but good. I got my butt in gear and ran 3 segments of 2 kilometers separated by 200 jump rope, 15 mountain climbers, 60 crunches or Russian twists, and 15 push ups! It was a lot of work, but I can feel the difference in my body! I love it! I’m going to shock you when I get home! :) 

My new bike get-up for when I hit the mountains!

I should be getting a good surprise this Wednesday from the Masoners…I’m excited! I got the camera functioning again so it looks like I might have two now! Who knows maybe I need two! ;) 

So to the questions—transfers will be answered in the letter!

  • Approximately how far do you walk each day?
We walk a lot maybe 10 to 15 kilometers every day, or more! I’m not positive, but we do walk quite a bit! But it’s good!

  • How are your studies coming? What are you studying?
My studies are great! I’m loving Doctrine and Covenants, but wow is there some hard doctrine there… like resurrection of the sons of perdition in 76 is still confusing me, but its cool I

love it!

  • Are there restaurants in your area? What kind of eating establishments?
We don’t really go out to eat a lot because its expensive and the members are good to feed us almost everyday! There are places, but they are family owned little houses that people just use the front room as a restaurant! Thats how it always is, but in Centro there are nicer places!

Monday we went and had a Argentine barbecue called asado with the Hermanas for P-day and then we had a way good noche de hogar (or family night) planned for that night, but the family couldn’t. We went all the same and chatted with those who were there. I love the Quiroga family!

After interviews with President

Tuesday we wrote in the journals of everyone who left and it was sad to see the hermanas leaving! Then we went and taught some menos activos, but it’s hard—they are hard to get back, but it’s good work and I love all the people here!
Wednesday we walked a ton, and I mean a ton! We went and taught a lesson to a lady in a wheelchair and it was good. My comp loves the woman… she makes him think of his mom. Then we visited a menos activo with our ward mission leader. It was good, but nothing special. We also did some service and it was way awesome. I learned a lot of pipework and how to protect it and the work, and how to do stuff—I liked it!
I think I like MEAT now!

Thursday we went and did a ton of work in the farm of a recent convert named Mario Funez, way awesome guy really. But we worked all day digging a trench for the water. It was about 15 to 25 meters long and it was so hard. It had not rained out there in like 2 weeks, but whatever it was way good work! Then we taught Daniel, he is a way stud. I love him to death!

Digging a trench for water.

Friday your birthday!!! We had a meeting in San Luis and I said goodbye to more of the girls from my MTC district. It was sad, but it was good! Then we had the activity. We had about 40 people show up, except the menos activos who were going to come didn't make it so that was sad, but it was good. I sang three songs…A Team by Ed Sheeren, Stars from Les Mis, and Thats who I’ld be from Shrek the Musical. It was awesome, but I can’t belt like I could before. I haven't been practicing like I used to... so my voice isn't quite used to it--- it was weird that it was hard to reach the notes like I could before, but it’s practice!
Cool Selfie

Saturday we went and had a meeting in the evening about the area plan and it was good, I feel like they taught us good stuff, but the ward leadership isn't going to do anyth,ing to follow it, but that’s fine, we are working on it! Then that night we taught the Sejas family—I love them so much—it was way good. We read chapter 31 I think of 2 Nephi and then we talked about the last part of the plan of salvation. They like when we come over, we can never leave on time, and we told them late that we had to leave, but the wife said, “We are sorry we always keep you so long, we just don’t want you guys to leave because we feel really peaceful when you are here and then it gets all hard when you leave...we need you guys!” I feel like we were getting through to them, but its hard because I don't think they have any desire to get married, but they have a kid— it’s hard! 
Sleepy Jayson
Sunday two recent converts brought friends to church and it was awesome! We talked to them and I think we will start teaching them soon. It was good! Then we had lunch with the Funez family and one of their kids who isn't a member speaks English and I gave him a Book of Mormon in English and it was good. Then later we sang while he played guitar, he played Tears In Heaven by Eric Clampton and I sang and it made me think of Taylor a ton... I miss that man! Then a couple other good lessons! It was a good day! 

So it has been a good week! I'm staying here. Elder Mendez is going to Mendoza as a zone leader, he is way scared but he will do really good. I’m getting another Argentine elder, he has about 7 months so it should be fun and then yupp! Life is good, it will be fun to see what these next seven weeks bring! 

I love you mamma be safe and happy! 

Love, Elder Jayson Benedict

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