Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teaching and Serving

1 February 2016

I need to hurry, but let me answer the questions! 

  • Since I can send you a little package for your birthday what would you like me to send with the Masoners besides a Frisbee and the camera? I thought I would put whatever will fit in the Frisbee and send that.
So I don’t really want much, some thin socks like little nylon socks would be cool, or I don’t know something to share with my companion or the people anything that will make me think of you guys! I love that kind of stuff! 

  • I didn't realize that her daughter and you are in the same area right now. How often do you see the sister missionaries? Did you know Sister Masoner in the MTC since you went out at the same time?
She isn’t in the same area, but she is right next door. We see her two or three times a week at least and its fun she is a great gal and yes I knew here in the MTC, but very little because she was in another district there, but ya I knew her!

  • Do you get along with them pretty well?
We get along well, but I think they think we are lazy! Our area is really big so it is hard to get to everywhere. Sometimes they pass us references that are impossible to get to for a couple days due to the distance and then they get mad at us when we haven't talked to them yet! Other then that its great—we are about to go have lunch with them! 

  • Adria Masoner said that transfers are this week…are you being transferred, or are you staying in the area?
We will not know what is happening until next Monday, but I’ll let you know!

Monday we went out and worked a little and taught Jorge Cortez. It was really good and fun to be with him for a little while and help him more—he is a great guy!

Tuesday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader that was good, and then in the night we went and taught the family Lucero and it was good. They had a friend there that when we showed up commented on the light in our eyes and liked what we were sharing, and it was really awesome! Then we taught the Quiroga parents and it was awesome! We just really are trying to get to them, but its hard! 

Wednesday we taught so much this day it was awesome! We did service in the morning, and then in the night we taught a couple named the Sejas and they are awesome. The like to listen, they are interested and it was so good! They seem to believe everything we teach, and we are getting there with them! Damian the husband I think believes its true, but the wife Noelia not really! Then we taught Daniela and she is awesome, she already has a testimony we just need to get her to church. We went and talked to her with the elder quorum president and it was so good… a ton of great spirit when he testified! Then we taught Daniel the recent convert and it was awesome, we taught lesson 1 and then we prayed with him and his son who never wants anything to do with us! It was great!

Thursday we had interviews with President—awesome! Then we had to do planning and then we taught Jorge Cortez and he was awesome, we taught about the Book of Mormon and reading and he said he would do it and then we blessed his home where he is at because at night he feels uncomfortable there, but it was awesome! 

Friday we went and had lunch with the Quirogas and it was so great! We had a great time with them and we had Alejandro and Mira and it was great! He has had the lessons of the missionaries before, but he gets to marriage and just says no. So I was really persistent and followed it all the way down to the bottom of the rabbit hole and got the dirt… they have a complicated relationship and when they separated once he had had relations with another women and he might have another kid, so its rough. I promised, no God promised if they prayed as a family they would have the strength and the unity to go on through the problem! It was the most spiritual lesson and best lesson I've had! I loved it! Then we just were around there teaching less actives!

Saturday we did some service in the morning with less actives and then I had lunch with Elder Vilche—it was so awesome! He came just to visit me with his entire family and he took us to lunch and it was so much fun! After lunch I talked about my plans to work in the church offices and how I wanted to do it, and he promised me he was going to help me get in! Way pumped! I also gave him the paperwork for the package and he told me that he would go see what he needs to do to get the package out… it was awesome! He also gave me one of his name tags and told me I need to send him one of mine! He is awesome! Then that night we taught the Quirogas about forgiveness and it was awesome! When I say Quiroga there are 7 kids and they live everywhere, so it was some of them in the main house! It was so good, and one of them said they were going to go to church, but they didn’t make it sadly! 

Sunday we taught Jorge and asked if he had read and he said yes and he prayed and he felt way good, a lot of peace and we know he is ready and we now just need him to come to church so he can be baptized. I love that man, and then we just went to visit less actives!

So that was the week! It’s been good! I'm happy and officially tomorrow I have 6 months until I will take a plane home!!! It’s getting real! 

I love you guys! 

Love Jayson

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