Monday, January 25, 2016

Teaching and Learning

So I'm doing part of my writing for the week really early today to save me from doing it later when I'm not sure we are going to have time! We are in San Luis this morning to get ourselves a new phone, as much as I don't like to play the blame game my comp left it on a window sill and forgot about it until 10:30, but we will get to that later! So I got the name and phone number of the people in Burley Idaho and I will send it to you. What I want is the Frisbee, but now my camera is tripping out way worse then before. I don't have it with me because I forgot it, but it’s the semi bulky one that looks like our big camera, but smaller. You should still have the box somewhere in the house, so if you could find me both a battery and the charger that would be cool, or if there is just a small digital camera lying around like the one Taylor used during his mission that I could use for the rest of mine that would be great. I don't know what the weird charger I had did, but it will charge the battery and it has power, but it won’t turn on my camera. Worse is that Canon doesn't exist in this country!  So a replacement would probably be the best!

  • How close is the church from your apartment?
The church is like 6 blocks from my house super close!

  • Did Rosa get baptized this week?
Rosa... nope, she is well, ill explain in the week.

  • Service with the Zarate? What?
Those pictures of the wall with the window was when we did service for the family Zarate, that’s what their name is, what did you think I meant?

Monday we taught a menos activo named David and it was good, but he just complains mostly — still good stuff. Then we went and helped a man milk cows. I have pictures, but the camera is trippen! Then we went and taught more menos activos and it was fun to chat with them. One of their daughters served in Concepcion Chile South mission, which is where Lexy’s sister served, and when I asked her if she knew her I found out that Sister Horning trained this lady! It was hilarious to me! Its a small world!

Tuesday we taught Yesica and it was really good! We got her to pray and we felt the spirit. She even said she felt good listening to us in her prayer and asked God for help and it was awesome!!! Then we taught our ward mission leaders sister and she prayed it was awesome! And then we taught Daniel more about the family history work and he was excited and ready to go and do the temple work that week. He went Saturday with the ward!

Wednesday we went and taught the family Lucero and it was good, but they are just lacking something…I don’t know, its like they want to come back, but are just too lazy to really do it! We are trying though! Then we taught the Quiroga parents and it was so good, I was talking to the wife and teaching her and my companion was teaching the husband and we both taught to their needs and they felt way good and it was awesome! I love that family so much!!!! We also had a huge world conference with all the missionaries of the world and it was so good! I learned so much about my job and how to be more effective as a missionary and it was really just awesome! So maybe I will take pictures of the notes I took and send them to you when I can get the camera working...

Thursday Daniela, this lady is way nice and already has a testimony that the church is true, but we are just lacking her husband and her crazy kids and its just a hassle to get them all to church, but she wants to so I'm hoping we can make it happen. Then we just had meetings that day!

Friday we went and were going to take a bus to part of our area that is about an hour away, but we missed it by a couple seconds so we had to wait and thats when we lost the phone. Then that night we did service, moving a ton of brick and it was also good! We were with the Luceros, it was fun, but the husband got drunk and it was just weird for me, I did not like it...

Saturday we taught the family Sejas and it was awesome! When we realized that we didn't have the phone, we ran to where we had left it and still couldn't find it, but we asked the people who lived there if they saw it and they said no. My companion talked to them about us being missionaries even though we were in normal clothes after doing service and then we told them we would come back the next day. We taught them  lesson one and it was awesome! The spirit helped them and the husband seems really interested — I loved them a lot. Then we went and taught the Rosa, but her brother was super drunk and agitated and he started to yell at us and he was trying to open the door to her house to throw us out, because the stupid mormons can’t do anything good. So after listening to swear words for about 20 minutes, Rosa called the cops and it was bad, we left while the cops watched and we bounced! I'm not sure we should ever go back to that house…

Sunday we had church. All 4 of the people who were recently baptized went to the temple this week and it was awesome, they bore their testimonies, and it was just great! It felt awesome! That night we taught a menos activo and it was good, but nothing special. Then we taught the Quiroga family. They are awesome, but it’s hard, because I know they are interested, but less then I want them to be. I love them a ton, but its just like hard because they are not really progressing and its hard to help them progress! But it was good! Now I'm in San Luis trying to go get a phone. 

I love you mommy — have a great day! No pictures because no camera, but maybe someday... 

I love you! Jayson

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