Monday, January 4, 2016

It's been a good two weeks!

I’m way out of time, but I have to write the mom!!! So this may be a little quick, but I will answer all your questions next week…I promise!!!

  • What is the full name of your companion and where is he from?
My companion is Eduardo Nicholas Mendez and he is from Chibut in Argentina in a city called Gaiman and he is a stud!

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being a Bro) how well do you like your companion?
We are way tight so its awesome, we live just us two solos, so its fun that we get a long well! 

  • How far do you walk each day? Are you wearing your nylons under your socks to prevent blisters?
I still use my socks and it’s a good thing because we walk a ton!!! But my companion has blisters way bad like what mine looked like at the beginning, but more like in the middle of how bad mine got!

  • Are you following the mission rules? Such as getting up and reading your scriptures? Companion studies? Going to bed on time?
I’m obedient. I read every day now that I have time to. Before I just didn't have time. I read 430 pages of the Book of Mormon from the 19th to the 31st of December and it was awesome! The Lord blessed me with everything I needed with a ton of the spirit and the peace I needed to work better! 

  • Who are you teaching right now? Investigators? Less Actives?
Investigators will come in the week.

  • Are you taking pictures of your new area?
I have a lot of pictures, but the camera is dead, we will see what I can do next week!

  • Is it a safe area? Is there a possibility of being mugged?
It’s a safer area, but I still try and be careful.

  • What is your pens (apartment) like?
The apartment is huge and awesome, but it flooded this week!

  • Do members feed you, or do you guys do the cooking?
We get about 3 lunches a week!

Monday the 21st we traveled to Mendoza. I arrived and started helping the office elders I was working until 1:30 in the morning with them.

Tuesday was the Christmas party, but before that I went to the Bolivian consulate and did some work for a Bolivian elder. When I showed up to the party President was so mad that I was driving. I then explained to him that the day before I told him that I would be and that he had asked me before to do all in my powers to help the newbie office elders so I did. He then accepted that I was only doing what he asked! I had fun at the party and then went home. We got to San Luis at 12:45am and it was rough!

Wednesday we went to the area where we did an interview for a lady who was going to get baptized on the Saturday, but I’ll get to that.

Thursday and Friday was just normal work.

Saturday’s baptism! Her name is Rosa, but when we went to baptize her she got way scared and could submerger herself. It was rough!!! So we have the baptism planned for 2 weeks from now. I'm going to teach her how to blow bubbles!!! ;)

Sunday, church and work!

Monday more work. We went and told Rosa what she needed to do and it was good. She wants to be baptized, but has panic attacks in the water so it’s hard!

Tuesday we went by an old investigators and it was way good, but what happened was his sister-in-law was there and she told us that she wants to present her baby in the church, and then get baptized herself. Her baby was born early and she prayed a ton that it would live and it did, so afterwords she decided well I need to be baptized for God who saved my baby. She likes the way we are, so it’s us I guess! :)

Wednesday, hmmm, I don't remember, but we taught a lot,but I don't remember…wait yes I do! Hermana Gomez is a way cool lady who has very little teeth and is overweight, but is way cool! She did Catholic seminary so she knows a lot, but she still struggles with stuff, but she acts a lot like a less active. I love her! She also wants to be baptized, but she is kinda hard to find! We also had a missionary come back to the ward. He was serving in the south where my companion is from, and it was cool to talk to him and see what it is like from the other side. He is way cool and likes to go with us to teach! 

Thursday we taught Rosa, and then our pension got flooded! We had about three or four inches of rain that flooded to the outside door and our door doesn't shut well, so we were doing everything so the water wouldn't enter, and then we got it under control and it was fun! It was so fun to just go play in the water a little. I loved it!! Pictures next week!

Friday I'm not sure again, but it was good! It was a lot of walking — it always is, but I walk well, so no problem there! We are working a lot with a less active Emiliano who is way good, but he is caught between the world and the gospel. He wants to go to clubs, drink and smoke with his friends, and break the law of chastity, but he knows he shouldn't and wants to find God so we are helping him the best that we can. Its a little hard, but it is working at least alittle! He is coming around!

Saturday, more work with Emilano and other menos activos and it is good—it helps!

Sunday at church we had 3 investigators! I told you about Daniel the golden that the hermanas gave us, he came and then we had the parents of the returned missionary! It was great and then that night we went back to the lady Eliana who wants to bless her child and she like testified about her desires. I'm not sure they are married, but we are going to work it a lot and make it happen for them!

So it’s been a good two weeks! I love you and miss you like crazy and I hope that your hearts don't hurt too bad now that the baby is gone! When will you see her again? Soon? 

I love you like crazy! 
Be safe! 

Love, Jayson

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