Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Emergency Transfer

12 December 2015

So if you didn't notice I got emergency transferred out of the offices. We had sent a kid out of a area about 4 weeks ago and they had found a mini missionary to replace the kid, but that mini missionary had to go home, and then they found another replacement that President didn't know about so he kicked me out of the offices a week before Christmas for literally no reason whatsoever. I’m not sure I'm going to forgive him for it. Transfers are next Sunday, and yet he sent me out on Saturday. All the work I had done for the mission for this next Christmas party that is tomorrow and the next day and all the plans I had are out the window.... I’m really not happy!  But that’s okay, that’s my life I guess. I’m now in Villa Mercedes, its about 5 and a half hours from the offices of the mission where I was at and I feel like its a good area. I'm the only elder with my companion for and hour and a half in any direction. There are two hermanas who work close to us, but other then that there is no one even close to us. My companion is Elder Mendez, he is from a place called Chibut down here in Argentina and he is really cool and I really love him. But still I'm just alone with him....still really hard that I left all my best friends in the offices....but I'm working on the attitude thing...I really am trying to be positive about it all, its just hard…

Saturday we played soccer like normal and some way fun basketball and wrote letters like normal—it was fun but nothing special.

Sunday we had good meetings about life and just normal Sunday activities and I started to work on some super tramites for the week.

Monday we did more planning for the week of tramites and we even did about 5 of them that morning, we got some other quick work done and I was just were feeling pretty good about life as the secretaries, getting some stuff changed for the better! 

Tuesday we did another 10 peoples tramites and it was all good and fun. We also worked on getting some other stuff taken care of from the tramites I did in san luis!

Wednesday we did another 10 peoples tramites and it was all good, a lot of work, but good, and then as soon as I finished that I went and drove for 5 hours to Malargue and then another 2 and a half back to San Rafeal and that was pretty fun and then me and Elder Romero slept in the back of the truck under the stars while it started to rain. We said a prayer that it would stop and the Romero asked me if it was going to, and I felt strongly to say to him that if he prayed and has faith that God loves us and cares about us it wouldn't rain. I had said my prayer and felt strongly that it wouldn't rain, after that moment we didn't feel a single drop of rain and i know it was because God hears and answers prayers. He loves us a lot and He wants us to be happy, even when we are dumb and not perfect but he will bless us according to our faith. 

Thursday I drove another 3 and a half hours to Alvear and it was awesome! We were doing this trip to pick up electric heaters from all the pensiones so that people don’t brake them, so we took care of all of that and then I went and visited all the members I love there so much and it was way awesome! I got to spend time with so many great people, I loved it! Then me and Romero went to the limit of the mission and it was cool,  we took some pictures there! Then we drove back to San Rafeal for 3 hours-ish and I got a call that was from the financiero or Elder Bingham, he told me that him and I were getting kicked out of the offices. He was sent to a area about 20 minutes from the offices and I was going to Villa Mercedes. I was furious! Elder Ruesch knows a lot about the work, but he still has a long ways to go so it will be weird to see how he can handle the work on his own especially since there is so much of the work that he hasn't ever had to do and doesn't even know is his job. I called President and let him know of my concerns and he told me that my leaving was necisary because this area is decaying. I told him that there were missionaries here, but he didn't believe me. I called the assistants and the assistants told him that there was a mini missionary here and he still didn't care, he told me I was leaving. If with the fact the my child (Elder Ruesch) is so not ready to be on his own, and doesn't have a drivers license, and all these parties are going to be a ton of work, but whatever… I don’t understand President! I even asked if it was revelation, and he just told me that we can’t let the areas decay... I don’t know, I feel a little hurt! Finally at 1 in the morning we made it back to the offices

Friday I started to pack and get everything ready, I talked with President a couple times, and he still felt like it was the only option we had even after many explanations of whey it wasn't. So i think it was a little bit of pride to not just say that he was wrong and let me stay. But that’s okay I have a lot of pride too, and know that I would have stuck with it all the same if I were in his shoes. I went and dropped off Bingham in his area and as I was dropping him off, me, him and Romero started to cry. We have been through a lot of crap in this job and we have become so much more then companions, we had become brothers... I literally felt like I was dropping off my own child to go to the mission field... It was literally the worst thing ever....  then I was up to 1:30 in the morning packing and trying to make lists for my child and making everything ready so he doesn't forget stuff and he can take care of the job. 

Saturday we went and got everything ready and I hopped on my bus at 10am it was close because I had forgotten some stuff that the zone needed me to bring and it was way to close, but In the end we made it! I cried as i left and saw Romero waving goodbye and saw that I was leaving that place completely, not ready for the challenges that are coming and I just felt heart broken. I made it to the area at 3:45 in the afternoon and I was just dead, but then we walked and had a great lesson, the hermanas here have an investigator that lives in our area that is ready for baptism, so it was a lesson so that he could come be our investigator, but it will take some time, but for sure this next transfer he will be getting baptized. So that’s cool! 

Sunday we went to go and get a lady to go to church with us and it was good, it was her 3rd time at church so she is getting baptized this next Saturday and that’s awesome! She is not ready in my opinion, because I just don't see how she is going to keep going to church, but I still need to talk to my companion about it. Then we went to lunch with a cool family, and then that night we had to clean out the baptismal font because we won’t have time to do it this week due to all the travel we have to do for the activities tomorrow and just all that good stuff that comes with Christmas. We had to do it bucket by bucket and it took us 3 hours to get all the water out and then another hour to clean the steps and we got home at nine at night beat... 

Now we are here... and I'm still working to be happy! My companion has told me some stuff about the mini missionary here and how that it was so good for the kids life and then when he had to leave how sad he was and I just thought of how dumb and weird that it was that I'm here, but I guess that is life. Sometimes it sucks and doesn't make sense! I've talked to God about it a lot, but it still feels weird! I'm not sure that I will ever understand it, but I have faith that God won’t let this time go to waste! 
I love you mom, write me back if you can— I would like to chat. 

Love, Jayson

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