Sunday, December 13, 2015

Working on being happier

So its been a long day and I'm tired, but this is still my first email so we will see if its still any good, I'm not actually sure what I did this week, its been weird and I've been in a weird mood, but I'm working on being happier and being better— so don't worry! 

  • Any luck on the package?
Still nothing on the package I just need to call and see if my plan of fraud will work and if it will I should be able to get it, but we will see! 

  • Did you have a spiritual experiences this week?
I was really struggling all week and then on Wednesday night I was just having all these thoughts flying through my head and just stuff that was polluting my head and I was feeling terrible and then I just prayed until I fell asleep and the next morning I felt better and the every night since I sing all the children’a hymns that I know in the shower because it helps me cool off from the day, and I feel better and stronger and its just a good feeling of the Lord and the Spirit being with me! It’s really nice!

  • Are you reading your scriptures?
I am reading—not enough, but i am reading!

  • Have you taken pictures of the inside your apartment? I would love to see where you live.
I don't have any pictures of my apartment, but I will try and take some and I will try and get photos of all the places I work at so you can see better what I do! :)

  • We had snow the other day, and we are expecting more Monday. How is your weather?
It’s hot, it’s gotten to the point where I don't like being outside, I honestly just sweat a ton and then I get hot feet and it makes me worried about blisters again, but its good!

  • Did you cook anything good this week?
I didnt really cook much this week, i made some really good banana bread today but the bottom didnt quite get cooked so that was lame but its fine im working on it! 

  • Do you know a time that we might be getting to visit on Christmas Day?
I don't really know when we will call probably whenever you want! I would say around 1 o’clock where you are at should be good, thats like 4 o’clock here I think!

Saturday I have no idea... really none…

Sunday we cooked ourselves lunch and then we just kinda chilled here. I really just can’t remember….

Monday we worked on office stuff, not leaving it was a pretty good sized holiday so we just rolled with that for awhile and then we went and worked in the area a little. Nothing of luck though!

Tuesday more office stuff and then me and Elder Romero went and taught Ariel and it was awesome, since they took his kids away he is doing so much better, he is cleaning the house, working and trying to follow the commandments. We were teaching lesson three about faith, repentance, baptism and the Holy Ghost, but more then anything we shared the need to endure to the end, because he is learning, but now he needs to quit and endure. It was great because we talked about the treasure we can have in heaven if we keep the commandments and then he was just like, “Well I'm not following the commandments”, and then I just looked at him plainly and said, “Okay then what do we need to do to change that?” We talked it out, he knows what’s wrong now, we need to just beat the problems and he is there! I’m way proud of him really!

Wednesday we went to migraciones and started making some plans for some tramites that we need to get done Tuesday and we will see how it goes... It should be fun! I’m going to work on that tomorrow a little bit i think.

Thursday we went to San Juan to go get finger prints done for a couple elders and it was awesome—It was just a ton of fun and we got everything done that we needed too! I also bought me 3 new ties that I love! 

Friday we just worked here in the office again, its been hard, not a lot to do! But I was helping the pensionista do some stuff in getting all the heaters out of the houses so that the elders there don't brake them, But other then that it was just pretty easy! 

Saturday we dropped an elder off at the airport and then I made banana bread. We then we went bowling for a kids birthday that we have with us! It was a good day really, but I'm tired and just want to be done. Tomorrow is my 16 month mark... It’s a little weird. I’m so excited, but at the same time I'm scared that I'm getting closer to done. I have almost the same amount of time now as Taylor did when I started the MTC... I feel weird about it, mostly excited though! :)

So that was the week. Not much to tell, but its been good! 

I love you Mamma! Be happy and safe! 

Love, Jayson

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