Sunday, December 6, 2015

Way awesome week

So this week has honestly been way awesome! I've enjoyed it a lot! So we went and worked and worked and then we played and had meetings like normal so that’s fun, but its been good, hard but good! I will be back in the field for the New Year, Christmas no, but New Years si! 

Elder Bingham, Elder Benedict and Elder Romero

  • Are you looking forward to getting back to being in the field?
I’m a little bit of both on the going back to the real mission thing. The problem is I've gotten really used to being Senior Jayson, and not so much Elder Benedict. I’m not really sure how to be a missionary anymore. Well I have all the knowledge, but I’m just not sure how to put it all in to practice again. I'm excited to try, but I hope I have help and the support of a good companion teaching me how to do it all again and helping me want to. I don't know….. I've gotten a little lazy in some categories so its going to be a good game of learning again!

  • If you could choose where would you love to go to serve?
I would be going to San Luis. I like the area there and I just think it would be a good place to go for 3 or 4 months before I leave and go train a little newbe hopefully, thats what is normal in this mission. Like the last 3 months of the mission you train a little newbie and help them because at that point you should know everything and how to help them do it! 

  • How are you and all the new guys in the office getting along?
We are getting along great its been fun but tiring, but its good. The problem is I get jealous of my kid. When I teach him how to do the work, he gets to do it and I want to be doing it—so I just kinda feel like that! I want to be doing it, this is lame! But whatever I guess that is life! 

  • You said the package is still in Buenos Aires, but the delivery says that it is in Mendoza. How do you know where it is?
I called DHL and based off the tracking number they told me it was there, but they sent the papers that the brokers need to me so I could I guess I can be my own broker, but I don't know what else to do! The problem is that it had so many ties…which is my fault, because they are textiles, it is like they think I'm going to be selling them so they don't want to let them in without a broker. But whatever ya fue.

Elders in the ditches next to all the roads

  • I honestly cannot think of a spiritual experience that I have had this week…how about you? I guess I need to try a little harder. I haven't even read my scriptures since Sunday. I need to work a lot harder at always remembering Him and doing those things that will bring me closer to the spirit.   
I have had a lot of spiritual experiences, but I have to think of the week as we go and I will try to explain them all! 

Saturday we went to the Catholic church and it was really interesting. It was good and I felt like I was lifted up, but you could tell that it lacked and was breaking some of the rules that the scriptures say. But it was still good. I liked it at least! I also made my first half of the rolls, 3 dozen that night, they came out a little wrong, but still yummy!

Sunday we had normal meetings and then all the sudden after church we had our feast! I had to finish the last 3 dozen rolls, and WOW mom this batch was just perfect, honestly it was some of the best rolls I have ever made. They were almost as good as yours! So we had a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, jello, and then for dessert we had 6 pies that we had all made, except me because I was busy with the  bread, but wow was it so good! I have never eaten so much food, I had three full plates of mashed potatoes and turkey and a ton of rolls. I then had 3 pieces of pie and literally felt super sick! We laughed and chatted for a while, and then I felt like dying. I went into the bedroom that we have in the offices and passed out for the next 2 hours and it was awesome! I love Thanksgiving! I missed you guys like crazy, but it was cool that at least I had something close! But just so you know I am so thankful for you guys, thank you for always being the greatest parents ever!

Monday me and my hijo went and did abunch of tramites we needed to get done, but the problem was that we had already taken them out of their areas once, and the system was overloaded, but it’s good. We signed for them all, 5 of these kids. It was a little sketchy, but one of my good buddies was like, “Okay we will just do it this way so you don't have to bring them back from far away!” It was kinda funny really! 

Tuesday we did some quick tramites in the morning, but other then that I don't remember what else we did that day. I honestly just don't even remember it...but I was really struggling wondering about why the promises of the Lord don't always come to pass for me…like I'm not doing it right and I felt a very strong impression that I was not doing my part, that it was on me not him. I wasn't doing everything in my abilities to make the promises come to pass. The Lord is bound when we do what he says, but when we do not what he says we have no promise. I feel that I have not been doing what he says and that is why I am struggling with things, so I decided to try and change that and make myself better! It has been going good!

Elders in front of the terminals

Wednesday we went up to San Juan to see if I could get some stuff done to send to the states because no one has been willing to do it here for me so that was hard, but we went and got it done there. Then we went and hung out with the mission dropping off stuff that they had asked us for a little while back, like an oven and stuff like that! It was fun, but tiring! On the drive home I was thinking a lot about parenting and it made me think if I was anything like you guys thought I was going to be like? I don't mean if I ever disappointed you, because I know I did, but like did you ever think I was going to be different then I was? Did you think that maybe I would go play sports, or I would be more athletic, or I would do stuff differently? Did you ever have hopes that I would do something different then I did, not like in like all the things I did wrong, but just in general! Just wondering!

Thursday we went waited in line all day, we went and got a friend of mines tramite done in the morning and then we went and got her done and then we went and made a trip to our bank, pulled out a ton of money and then we went and waited in a line for I think 2 hours! Then I paid 26 fees we had for migraciones. Then we went and did some shopping with Romero and called it a day.

Friday we had a zone conference with President Goates and it was awesome! He taught us all about how we have improved in our obedience and people are noticing, and then because he didn't have to chastise us about obedience he taught us about hope and it was awesome! I loved it!! Then he taught us about about attitude and I feel like that is really important for me because it is really so important, it makes a huge difference how we look at things. We can be Nephi and trust God and try. Or we can be Laman and just fight against it. I feel like a lot of time I'm just trying to fight against it, but honestly we can trust God like Nephi did and he will help us a lot more then we can even imagine and I know its true. When we put our faith and hope in Christ and his power, he will save us from all our problems and help us be better. I loved it! I love that man a ton!

Saturday…today we don't really have any plans so its basically just a little day of rest, play ping pong, sleep and I don't know what else — but i think its going to be a nice tranquilo day!

So that has been my week, this is kinda the difference when I write you first when I still have the want to be writing people, so you got the good letter today! 

I love you mommy! 
Be happy and be safe! 

Love, Jayson

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