Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not the Golden Boy!

Okay, I will do my best to make this one a little more spiritual, but you know me I'm not the golden boy! I think I need to start by writing your letter first because I always just run out of drive to make it a good letter. I will do my best to make you my first letter, but in case people don't know if you get a crappy letter it’s because I wrote it last! So don't be offended, I just try to get to all my people written. So ya that’s my life!

  • What is Elder Rouche first name? 
My comps name is Gerret and it’s good we get a long well, its just like I went from Elder Bingham which will be one of my best friends for the rest of forever, to a different companion and it’s just new and different! 

From Left to Right
Me, Elder Oveson, Elder Bingham and Elder Rouche

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being a Bro) how well do you get along with your companion?
I would say like a solid 7, we get a long.

  • Where do you go to church? Is it a ward? A branch?
We go to a ward—it the church that is right next to the office that I work in. It’s a solid ward not huge, but it’s big, were even smaller because all the strong members go to the other wards due to stake calling. 

  • How is your training of the new incoming secretary going?
So training is good, its fun, its weird because I teach him how to do it and then I'm like well what do I do now? Usually I go and chill with Elder Bingham and he keeps me sane! 

  • How was your Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving, we didn't do anything yet. We are making a ton of pies right now and we are going to have a huge dinner tomorrow with the matrimony that I call mom and dad, The Warners. We are going to have a feast, its going to be awesome!!!! 

  • Any idea where your package is in Mendoza?
The package is still in Buenos Aires, but I got the paper work for it, they still need a broker to go get it. I don't think its going to come! We did what we could but its fine, this country just doesn't like all the ties in it, they think I want to sell them when I really just want them. But whatever life goes on.

Sunday was a really normal day just chilling. We played some Sudoku and that was fun and good stress relief actually, we did that like 3 times this week. I really enjoyed it!

Elder Hollis passes out....

we decided to have some fun!!

Monday we started planning for tramites for the week and then we got all the stuff ready for a Brazilian who was going home the next day. Then we just worked like normal. We went out to the area and just opened the mouth with no luck, but then we had a barbecue with the Bishop for dinner and it was way awesome. I love that man a ton!
Me in a Hermanas Hat

Tuesday we almost missed a plane for the Brazilian—his plane left earlier then we thought and we were seconds from missing the flight. So we got him on by the skin of our teeth. Then we finished 3 kids in migraciones so that was good. Then we went to the area and still didn't make it into any house, but we talked to some more people and that was good.
Me at the Faria In San Luis

Wednesday Elder Bingham and Elder Romero and I went to San Luis to go talk to the migraciones there about my tramites, and then we went and talked to a place about renting a house from them and we got that all done and moved the elders into their new house while my kid went and did migraciones and then got everything ready to send another girl out of the country. We didn't make it to the area that night.

Thursday we went and did even more migraciones work. You would think that was like my full time job or something. We then couldn't go to the area because we had to wait for a mini-missionary and we got the kid from the terminal and then we just went to bed once he was already prepared to go in the morning. Ee also met some Hungarians, Austrians, and Germans and that was way cool, it’s amazing the people you meet.

Friday we put the mini-missionary on his bus and met two people from Ireland, and then we worked in the office that day and went to work in the area early. We went and talked to some people building like a easy up, but it was more like a tent and it was like weird so we asked if they wanted help and they actually said yes, so we helped them with it and then we taught them a lesson. It was awesome, but also the weirdest lesson I have ever taught. They asked us about if we were sexually active and how we handle not participating in it. They talked about coffee and alcohol and then more about chastity and then we talked about the power of Christ to help us through the moments when we are tempted because they had a ton of questions about stuff that was weird like gay tendencies and we talked about Christ and how he can help us through those moments and change us so that we are not like that anymore. I felt the spirit testify through me that its true, Jesus can make us change — he can help us be better. My companion talked about how our faces are very much in front of Christ at all time and he is there looking at us and trying to make it better and know without a doubt that he is there and he is waiting and helping us at all times, he wants our success more then we want it. He loves us and he can give us the help we need if we are living in accordance to his laws and we are asking and looking for it! I love my Savior even if I don't always show it and i slip and i fall and all of these things go wrong. Christ still loves me and he wants whats best for me and all of us. Then we taught Ariel and he was crazy as normal and we talked about how he needs the church because he was ready to give up. We made him feel better and I think he will be coming to church this Sunday, I know he has the potential and he can do it with Christ.

Working with Elder Bingham

Saturday we played soccer and then we just wrote. I get to make 6 dozen rolls tomorrow because I make the best ones I guess, but I also got invited to a Catholic church and the lady promised us that if we went she would come to ours, so we are going and it should be interesting, but good at the same time!


So there is the week! I love you guys a ton! I’m still working on the photo, when do you need it by? I love you mama! Be safe and happy! 

Love, Jayson

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