Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Baptized This Week

11 January 2016

So its been good here! We baptized this week, but my camera is dead and I cannot find the charger in the house. Everyone in the offices doesn't have any idea where its at so I'm trying to find just anything to charge my camera because I really can’t even take photos and it sucks!  We will see, at worst I have a friend whose parents are coming to get her in February and I really want an Ultimate Frisbee because they don't even have the crappy fake ones in this country and I miss it a ton! But I might also need a charger for the camera battery! 

But its been a blast! To the week!

Monday we had a ton of lessons planned in the morning and we were pretty excited, but all of them fell through and that was sad. Then we got to write the parents and that was awesome! Then we went out again to go and teach and it was going to be good with a member and the person and then just everyone we visited that day couldn’t—it was a rough day for me! I hate when no one talks to us in a day!

Tuesday we went to district meeting and then we made lunch and after studies we went out to work! I’m not sure how it was…I think good. We went and had a lesson with a menos activo Emiliano and it was awesome, but he still struggles. He needs to choose the Lord or the world, but we are working on it! We also taught Rosa a lot of these days. She is crazy and I really struggle with her, but I'm praying for help and I think the Lord is helping me, but its still way hard for me because she just wants to talk and talk and its hard because I just cant help her! I don't know!

Wednesday we had a great morning…we went out with a recently returned missionary named Franco and he is a stud! He taught two lessons with us— one to his non member parents and one to a lady named Yesica (like my sister) and she is 8 months pregnant! She is awesome and we shared what she needs to do in this life, and she seemed to like it! Then that night we taught Daniel…he is way cool! He is huge and looks like a rugby player and its probably because he was a rugby player! Way awesome and just such a strong testimony and we are doing our best to help him. He is awesome! We talked about tithing and I really felt the spirit testify of its importance and how it will help us!

Thursday we went and did some divisions this day. I went with a return missionary who served in this mission named Nicholas and my comp went with his brother Dante. We talked the whole time and it was so fun. I know a lot of the missionaries that he served with and it was awesome! He even knows my trainer and it was just so fun! We taught Emiliano and he felt the spirit and it was awesome! Then we taught Eliana and she is awesome! We figured out their need to be married and we are working on it. They want to be married at the end of the year, but we are going to see if we can make it happen faster so that she can get baptized sooner! It was a great lesson! 

Friday I was in San Luis doing intercombios and it was way fun! I was with elder Ruiz Diaz and he is a way cool guy — he served in the offices too as the guy in charge of housing right before I got in! We talked the whole time and it was way fun, but we didn't get in many houses, so a lot of walking!

Saturday we barely made it in time for the baptism at 6 and it was awesome, but the bishopric promised to be there and then they never showed up. The baptism and the confirmation are under their direction so we needed them, but they never came. We called the mission President and he told us that we could preside, so I directed the whole thing and it was good! He went under first try and he was awesome with a smile and just way happy — he really gets what he is doing and why it is important and I just love him! We are working on him still, but its good. Then we had a little after dinner with him to celebrate and we talked about temples—I’m sure he is going soon to do baptisms…he is awesome! 

Sunday we went and got Rosa in the morning. We went to her house 30 minutes early because we wanted to leave about 10 minutes before the church started. We didn't make it to the church until 20 minutes after it started, normally I don't care that much, but we missed the confirmation and that way sucked, but I guess it happens.Then we went and taught Eliana that night and she is still happy and wants her boyfriend to be baptized, he is great too, but we really need to get them to church! But we will see!

So that was the week! It was awesome really! So I hope all is well! My comp is awesome! 

  • I got on Google Earth the other day and looked at Villa Mercedes. It looks old and dry. How would you describe it? 
It’s not dry here, it is really humid! It’s small, but its awesome! There is this bike race that is passing through right now called the Tour of San Luis and I'm way jealous, but its fine! I just need to wait until I get home! I’ve decided that iI want to bike home from the airport with dad and you when I get home… if we can! 

If I have a say, I would prefer the Caribbean now! I’m going to go to Hawaii during the school year hopefully, so I mean I would like to get to know the Caribbean too! 

I love you mamma! 
Be safe! Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I don't know what to do—I don’t have a camera! 

I love you! 


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