Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm starting to enjoy my stay here more

                                                                                                     4 September 2014
So you guys' week sounds stacked and freaking awesome! I am so jealous of all the biking you get to do! This week has honestly been pretty good. Monday I had a really, really bad day though, we went about to go teach our lessons and we just did not have the spirit with us at all and we were just awful we had no power or anything, we could hardly speak and I have never felt so awful in my life! But then as we talked with one of our teachers, the guy who was my investigator and is now my teacher and no another investigator--he was talking to us and was wondering why we did so bad today, he knows we often have the spirit and for us not was weird and he was genuinely concerned for why we did so badly on the lesson, it was just so bad! So after that, feeling way butt hurt we went out and I studied hard for my block of study so that we could teach with the spirit and bring power back to our lessons and I gained so much from that time of prayer and study. I was so focused on what I was doing and what I needed to learn it just felt amazing!!! Then when we taught on Tuesday, it was mas mejor (much better) and I felt it stronger, we still struggled in one lesson, but did tons better in another one! Then on Tuesday night we had a way good devotional but I’ll write mom about that! Then Wednesday I kept up my good study habits and in a lesson was able to get my investigator on our third lesson to pray if baptism was right for him. We honestly skip around so much it hard to know what is going on here. It’s still really hard to lose myself in the work here at the MTC but I sure am trying. I wrote you and mom a letter yesterday I think I’m not positive, but you should get it soon! By the way your son was a host yesterday and you will never believe it until I send you pictures, but I hosted two people from Layton High and Mike hosted the same two people!!! The second kid I hosted was Gabe Jasmer!!! How weird is that???? I just happened to be at the temple the first time he went through the temple, and then I was the first person he really got to talk to down here in west campus!!! It was a way cool experience! Then my third kid was Austin Walker, I’m not sure you met him, but me and him were pretty tight school friends who got along real well and we talked a lot. He was gonna do a song cover for us once upon a time but never did, but that’s fine! He was way sic and it was great for me to get to talk with him!! I’m doing good here and am happy!
I am in fact getting all the Dear Elders they are just hard to read due to them printing them really weird so it’s hard to write you back off of them--but keep sending them. If you have any questions for me, write them in a real letter! I’m super jealous of you guys all going swimming, and I’m going to miss that pool so much, but I’ll be fine! I’m doing good here dad! I’m glad your heart is getting better I hope it will continue to!!
 I love you so much!
Your son and missionary
Jayson benedict!!!

So I am so freaking jealous about all the stuff you guys are doing, but you don’t want to hear about yourselves you want to hear about me right? :)

So I have been in a real good mood of late this week and it’s been awesome I’m really starting to enjoy my stay here more and more and its awesome!!! I love this place more, but still wish I was home as you may expect. So I haven’t really had many cool teaching moments or any big cool moments that just happened throughout the week and that’s usually the stuff I write you. But on Monday night while I was studying super hard in preach my gospel and going HAM  (hard as a missionary) and I was getting so much out of it. I’ll send you pictures about what my pages in it looks like. Chapters four of preach my gospel about feeling the spirit is amazing and you should read them and pray hard. When I’m studying I probably pray thirty times in three hours. So it keeps me focused and it helps you gain more-- pray while you study I promise it helps and you just feel more information seep in that you want to write down to remember for later!!!

So I loved that, then on Tuesday we had the devotional of my life, I don’t know if it was because I was getting closer to the spirit on Monday and Tuesday after a lesson, tour us a new one but I was so in to it, I’ll send you picture of what I wrote down and what I said in my journal.

At the end, he said something about earning our mission badge. One man who served as a bishop for five years, part of a stake presidency seven years, and as a stake president for six years. Finally he and his wife went on a mission. He felt like he was doing more as a missionary than he had as stake president. He then said, "You are worthy, and like this man you have earned your badge and will love it forever", or something like that. I felt the spirit so strong and I knew I was worthy and ready to be here, and that I’m earning my badge now, and I love my badge- it means the world to me.
Brother Heartman--second counselor in my branch presidency. I love him lots!
I also got to host this week and it was Gabe Jasmer and another friend of mine. I’ll send you the selfies I took with them, I think I told dad about it, if I didn’t write me and I’ll explain it all! Hosting was a blast and I loved it! Both the kids from Layton were hosted by me and Mike so it was way cool! I’m loving what I’m doing, and I’m loving the spirit here.

Me and my companion are getting along pretty good, he has gotten a lot more confident though and talks more. Some of the things he says are rude, and some off color and they bother me, but I don’t feel like I can correct it, but its fine were doing okay here. I’m feeling good and we have the spirit, we could just have more if we knocked off the crude jokes and slight judgments.

My Spanish is pretty okay, I’m struggling at understanding it, but I can speak through a lesson pretty good with Elder Randal’s help. I need to work more on sentence structure and how I can be better at speaking sentences. Conjugating Spanish is hard for me too, its weird but I’m enjoying it!

I've started eating a lot less at meals and I fasted this week once. When I weighed I was down four pounds, I have a salad and fruit with dinner every day and only take two things from the main meal that I want, and it helps me feel good. I also don’t eat a ton for breakfast and that’s probably helping a lot too! The foods is okay here at west campus and its good, but at main campus its way better! We go to main campus every p-day and eat there, its way better!

I did get my cookies as well. When you took those creeper photos for me, those Raintree apartments you took pictures of are my apartments and we stay in 3R I think you took a picture of 1R, close but not quite. I’m on the top floor left side from the stairwell.

I am sleeping, but not great. I get to bed by eleven thirty every night and am getting better at going to bed on time, but I wake up at four thirty or five every morning which is fine, I just lay in bed and wait for it to end, its rough but good. I wake up at six some mornings to finish letters and what not, but not too often!
My district getting ready to HOST

I am happy, but I am not using my oils enough, I should probably get better at that... my bad... I really am staying positive. I miss you guys so much! "Hey how’s the pregnant lady doing? I miss her." I think I was supposed to say that at the end of letter somewhere and I have a letter in route to Jesika, it should be there tomorrow! Hey, see if you can get all the videos of Lexy when she was high and get them on a disc for me!!!

I love you and miss you like crazy! Be happy and awesome! Keep writing me--I do get all your Dear Elders and love them!

Sincerely your son and missionary-
Elder Jayson Benedict!

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