Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Homesick, but doing better-ish!

28 August 2014
So as you might have guessed, this week was kind of rough, on Thursday I was feeling so homesick from emailing and I’m sure I will feel the same way as soon as I’m done with it today, but that night was amazing because Roberto who the night before had accepted to follow the Word of Wisdom had now committed to baptism with us!!! It was a super cool experience! This is him.

He is a way good guy and was way fun to teach. Then the next day after we taught this volunteer he walks in as our teacher Hermano Croft-- and I’m like what???? I sort of knew but didn't think so, it was just weird. Then after that day, because Fridays are lame usually, on Saturday I sort of had a miracle that I’ll explain in my "small plates to mom" later today! Then Sunday was good, more spiritual stuff I’ll write to mom... Then on Monday I got super depressed, I wanted letters so bad on Monday and I totally thought I would be getting a huge letter from Lexy and from you guys but I didn't, that’s what the depressing mail is that you’re going to receive that you can’t open yet! So I wrote you Monday and sent it Tuesday so I assume you’ll get it today, I don’t really know! Tuesday equally depressing and wrote you again. Tuesday we had a pretty good devotional again that I’ll explain to mom later in my day, like at two-ish,  then Wednesday was lame-ish and I was still super depressed and sad, but got a letter from mom and Lex in Dear Elder and that helped me a ton, really it was still hard because I see all the cool stuff, and I just get way sad again, but it’s this constant game of fighting up and down with the Devil who wants me to leave this place and me who wants to stay, but really wants to be with you guys too! It’s really hard because I have no one I can really just talk to here so I’m working on all of this and praying like it is my day job! The MTC would be a lot easier if I wasn't thinking of Lexy, but I don’t regret it at all, I’m in love with that girl so much it stinking kills me, so ya here I am, please write me real letters I have way more time then to write you guys and can actually tell you everything that you may want to know. They bus us all over the place, we go to church up by Cougar stadium and then we have to go to main campus for devotionals. On Sundays and on Tuesdays I always get to see Mike which helps me a ton, and I’m really doing better-ish. I can’t wait to get to the airport and get to call you guys I miss you so much its crazy! Please don’t forget you’re not allowed to open those letters I sent yet, so make that a thing! I love you dad a lot, one of those letters, the second one is kind of dedicated to you so, look forward to that. I love you dad you are amazing!!!

P.S. You sold my car? Now I really can’t come home I guess, that is super rough for me! You know I struggle when I don’t have Marvin, he is my baby!!!!

My house with our zone leader Elder Miles

Hey mom, I’ll write you a good letter later on, but you need to know not to open the letter I sent you in the mail when it comes, when you have both the letters I sent you this week open the second one you receive first because it is less depressing the first one sucks and you don’t have to open it, but can, I was just depressed those days, I haven’t seen Lexy either by the way and it sucks for me too... a lot... 
I love you mom, please don’t open the letters yet!!!

So this week really hasn't been that bad, it’s been pretty good really, and I know you miss me! You weren't supposed to open that letter until you got the next one in the mail! You are not very good at listening to my instructions!!!! So on Thursday night I got my investigator to agree to be baptized so we were freaking pumped, but still pretty homesick, the spirit when you ask someone to be baptized and change their life is just amazing and I can’t even believe how much I loved it when he accepted!!!! Then on Friday we just found out that my investigator was now my teacher weird…but cool!!!! Then on Saturday I had a way cool experience I was teaching the restoration in a five minute lesson like we had to cram it all in super fast which is pretty much always, we talk a lot with the investigator and try to get to know them. But when I was teaching it for five minutes in practice I had to testify in the last twenty seconds of the lesson and I felt the spirit so strong, I just knew it was real and true and loved it. Then on Sunday at the devotional I had a great experience with the spirit again. I was sitting watching the restoration movie where the girl is converting her dad on the boat and it shows Josephs life. I felt so much understanding and love for that man, I just know it has to be true. I left my family and the love of my life for the next two years and Joseph knew that he would die for it and not see them in this existence again. He is one pretty rocking dude! I loved the way I felt and I cried like a little girl when I watched it. Then on Monday before I got all depressed because I still thought mail was coming, I had TRC which is like we teach family home evening with a member, and it was just a sweet experience for me to get to talk to people for a while, they knew it all and just wanted to feel the spirit that I could bring I really, really like that. But, then Tuesday I was just sad like all day, but got focused I didn't get to teach Tuesday so until the devotional I was just bummed out, but at the devotional the ten word phrase "If it is to be, it is up to me" was said and I loved it and felt better and knew my attitude had to change and that is when I wrote you the letter you should get tomorrow. The beginning is more about you, but dad’s part at the end had me crying like a little girl. Then Wednesday I saw I had a Dear Elder and just put my head down and worked and prayed that it wasn't a Dear John-- I hope she still loves me... and then I got to open and it and just thought about how I couldn't wait to tell you about the high points of my week--it really has been a good week I just miss you guys a ton... I have a few questions and wants. You don’t have to quick with them but let me know.

Do I need international stamps?
Can I get some cool striped socks?
Bottle of wart remover
Tape that is just scotch
Duct tape
Come unto Christ youth theme sheet music
The Witnesses sheet music (I really miss music)
Pens, the bold point ones
Sharpies black
Glow in the dark paint
Glow in the dark star stickers
Otter pops

I think that’s everything, there’s more than I thought there was, but be slow about it. I’m also still wondering on those voice recorders and if we can make that happen! So I love you with all my heart, write me a real letter with any questions!

I love you guys!!!!

Us chilling!
Our P-day tradition

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