Thursday, August 21, 2014

First emails home to dad and mom

Hey dad,
I’m so glad you sent me all the pictures. I want more real pictures real bad in my picture book. I only have Lex's pictures which are amazing, but I need more like the bro picture you sent me and some more stuff like that!! 
So as you heard my first day rocked, but then the next days were hard! All of them sorta sucked until Sunday, and then I had a really cool huge spiritual experience at the devotional. 

My companion Elder Randall. I love him lots!!

I’m glad you are not mad at my selfishness, it’s really important for me. 
So curfew is really like impossible to make, almost every night I’m at least forty minutes over curfew, it’s really hard when I’m with Elder Randall. I get along with him so well. 
Every day is the exact same thing here so it’s hard for me to email you about the day. Every day we get up and eat way too much food, and then go to class and get taught by Hermono Humbert for three and a half hours of sitting, then we sit on a computer for an hour and then we eat way too much lunch, then we have gym for a hour which is awesome, then we sit in the classroom for another three and a half hours--usually we teach a lesson at that time, which is the best part of the CCM. (Español letters for MTC) Teaching is the only time where I get to remember why I’m going on a mission, if I didn’t get to teach while in here I would already be home from the MTC, so I could keep enjoying life. Truly it’s not fun here, it’s a lot of work! After that block of time we go to dinner and eat way too much, and then we go back to the classroom and study for days and days, not really just three and a half hours, but for someone who can’t study for forty minutes without a nap it’s really hard for me! Finding everything to study is really rough, but I’m getting it down at this point, but I hate just sitting for so long doing very little stuff, its rough!! Tuesday was cool, the General Young Women’s President came and gave our devotional. She spoke well, it was fun! 
I’m feeling the spirit like a ton and I’m doing better!! I’m doing good here, I miss you guys more than I can tell you, but I know this is the Lords work, I really don’t know what else to tell you guys, but I know you really want to hear me, don’t worry I’m gonna write mom here in a second, but for once in forever I thought it would be nice for you to get one first! I love you dad! Know that I can’t wait to come home and do everything with you all over again. Hopefully Lex will be on a mission and not married, and then we can go do everything in that six months ;) I’ll send all my pictures to mom. 

Love you lots guys!
Jayson Benedict

My district. Like a mini slightly lamer bros, but I love them a lot! They are great to have around!

I need to write you real quick! I’ll be coming back later and write you,  with all kind of pictures. Just know that I miss you so very much, I miss being loved, I have  missed you so very much the last little while, it’s so hard for me to know that you are sad and the amount of uncontrollable jealousy I feel when I see you with Lexy, it kills me so much, but I miss you like even more-- maybe ;)  I promise this is not the only thing you will get from me, call dad and listen to his letter I love you guys so very much please don’t forget it!!!!

Your little boy,
Jayson Benedict

Met up with Kyle and Mike at the devotional on Sunday!

So you know the rundown of my normal days, but on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays its different. Sunday I got to see my boys hence the picture I’m sending you.  Jenny Oaks Baker played "I know that my Redeemer lives" on the violin at Sunday devotional and it hit me with more power than I ever thought songs could hit me. I had no power to stop the tears or prevent myself from saying I know that my Redeemer lives.
Later that night we watched a talk by Elder Bednar and he talked about how Christ always turned out… not about him, but everyone else and it has now become my goal in the mission, everything selfish is wrong and I have to  fight against that with all I have. Tuesday night the General Young Women’s President came and spoke and talked about better prayers  and fasting, at the end,  I was zoned out,(I need to sleep more, but don’t,) I got that part and decided I should fast.

This is my investigator Roberto . We have taught him solomentie en espanol hasta dia treic!!

The next day I fasted for our "investigator", the lesson went so good and the spirit so strong, I loved it. He committed to give up alcohol and I just felt ten miles high afterwards. I love teaching lessons; it helps me stay focused when I study to know that it could help someone. I know it will be so amplified when I’m actually teaching people who need it! Don’t worry I did my laundry and it was good! I’m all kinds of self-sufficient.

Know that I’m doing better and love you with all my heart.
Sincerely, Elder Jayson Benedict

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