Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day in the MTC

Hey parents,
So I’m loving it here at the MTC! The whole day has been crazy though! I got to the room and got my badge, and all that worked a lot different than I thought it would be! But I loved it! So then I got dropped off at the Raintree apartments which are not even close to the real big MTC, but they are good. My new host struggled so hard! First we went to the wrong room so I had to carry my bag up some flights of stairs then we went down to my room and we couldn't even get inside, but after walking around and continuing to try with a prayer in my heart I just left the stuff in front of the door and went to class. My host later got the door open and put my stuff in my room. So I'm in class and the teacher will not speak English to me, I wasn't even sure if he knew how to speak English until two hours in, so I'm practically playing charades with this man as I wait for the rest of my district to show up. Finally they got there!

My companion is the freaking sickest! His name is Elder Randall and he is from Las Vegas, he is a 19 years old baseball player, he actually played ball since he was 8! Me and him click really well actually. He slowly gained his testimony like me not just some grand flash of spirit as some people talk about. He’s way into snowboarding and boating, and his two favorite genres of music are country and rap. He actually reminds me a little of Kyle but taller and much more shy. He is a very quiet guy around the rest of the district, but tonight we've been chatting real good. He plans to be a dentist which is just a fun fact. The coolest part is I can talk girlfriends with him! He has dated his high school sweetheart for 2-1/2 years and they plan to write every single day, so good for them, but probably way hard to focus. He actually got to baptize her in like April I believe and he said it was one of the greatest experiences of his life. I’ll get to chat with him about it tomorrow.

We did an experience thing with approximately 60 missionaries in a room and we got to sort of role play with an “investigator”. It was weird but cool. It made me realize how hugely unprepared I am to do all this work, but I know that if I am faithful and put all my heart and soul into learning and “thrust in (my) sickle with all my might”, I can do all things. Christ will not let me fall.

Mom I love you so very much…I miss you so much already. It’s crazy! I can’t wait to keep telling you events that go on knowing that you will eat it all up like candy! My P-day are on Thursday, but I won’t get one tomorrow due to it being my first day, so just be patient with me.
Dad, I agree that this mission will be the best two years, but I'm going to miss so much going out with you. I have absolutely loved getting to go mountain biking with you. I love the sport and I am glad you were willing to get me out there to do it. Thank you so much for the letter. I teared up when I read it, but I’m glad I have it. Know that when I come back we are gonna go do all those things super hard core.

I love you guys so much! Take care of Mamma please!

Sincerely yours, Elder Benedict

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