Sunday, October 11, 2015

Transfer Week--keeping busy

Honestly if you ever wrote the mission email I would handle it as a secretary I think, not as me, I think it would be funny that way! I almost sent out an email to all the parents when we had the earthquakes, but there was no way to do it, so I didn't in the end, but I think it would be cool to send one to them. I will see if I can figure out what to do with it! 

I loved conference as well, the talk by Randall K Bennet was my favorite, it was during priesthood session and he talked about repentance in such a way that made it seem so possible and he talked about how the only time we truly fail is if we decide to not take another faithful step after we fall…I loved it! I assume you haven't heard it yet, and if not I would suggest you do it now! It was soooooooooooo good! All of it was awesome though even more that I watched it in pajamas for 2 sessions due to it being p-day and just enjoying it in the offices! 

On to the questions:
  • Are you done with getting everyone legal? If not….how many more do you have to do?
I really will never be done getting people legal, people are always expiring and I have to get them renewed, and then I will always be receiving new groups from the states that I  need to get done as soon as I can! So I'm working on all that, but of those who are currently illegal I have like 15, but I have about 15 that are about to expire in the next month! 

  • Did you get to go out and open the mouth this week?
I did! We had newbys come this week and I got to go out with a black kid!!!! It was so awesome!! He is honestly one of the biggest studs that I think our mission has! We found two promising families and we taught a good lesson to Ariel and he spoke really well for having so little time—I love it! Way fun day of work really!
  • How often do you talk with President?
I talk to President every other day I would probably say, sometimes more depending on the week, but thats a safe guess!

  • What are you doing to make sure the next secretary is better trained than you were?
I have a lot of stuff planned to make my hijo better trained then I was, but mostly I'm going to actually explain what I think he should do, instead of just telling him to do it! But he will have it way easier then me, because I've cleaned up most of the mess that has come in recently so when I get out really his job will be easy! 

  • Did you get to see Elder Hamideh and his family?
I did get to meet the Hamideh’s it was nice to talk to them! So what happened is you were too slow at getting them the package — like my comp Elder Bingham who only knew for three weeks got a package with them just because they took it over sooner, but its cool I don’t care—it’s not really a problem.

  • Did you get the girl home with the stomach biopsy? Is she okay?
So Larios is fine, but it was just scary when she was crying and we were so far away from any adult supervision! I was the only kind of person in charge there so all decisions had to come from me, so I was just a little out of my mind worried because it was all on me, but she was fine don't stress! She is now serving in an area close to the offices where the nurse can keep a close eye on her. 

Sunday — conference, thats about all I did! I  also worked on the bus tickets I needed to buy that week so that I would have that little part out of the way and done with. Really it was just calm listening to conference.

Monday I had to run to migracions to get little slips of paper for everyone who was going to leave the country, and I also had to have papers for another group of kids so that they would stay legal for another 3 months. Then I had to drive to Justo Daract and back in one day. It’s a four hour drive to there, and then I had to go all the way back, and in Justo Daract you are like 5 minutes from the cordoba border and so we decided to go touch it! That was really cool really! Then we went home, I’ll be honest I drove faster then I have ever driven in my life during that trip so that was kinda scary, but we made it and got everything done that we needed to so we are good! 

Tuesday I had to go and drop off everyone who is going home at the airport at 3 in the morning and had to get them all through check in—it was kinda hard to wake up, but it was good we got it all done. So after that I worked in migracions for a little while and just got everything else done there, I accidentally didn't send someone with there congratulation papers so I need to get that done, but other then that all was well.  We then went and picked up all the newbys and it was fun to see them and just chat with them for just a minute, really just a nice little experience for me! I love newbys!

Wednesday we went and just I don't even know… oh, I talked to the guy in charge of buying my tickets and he passed me some of the stuff I needed, but some stuff he screwed up bad on, but it was fine I was able to work it out with him, then I don't really know what else I did, but I did go out and abrir la boca with the black kid it was so awesome!!! I loved him!

Thursday I spent 5 hours in the terminal just putting people on buses getting them tickets, making sure they all got on their way and to their areas, and then in the night I sent even more people back to their areas with their new companions. It was fun and hard, but all through the day I was tired still.

Friday I decided it would be a good idea to do 3 peoples tramites that day and it was a long day because I needed to get them done before next week to get one permanent residency, because he actually lives here in Argentina so I really did him a huge favor because if I wouldn't have done it it would have never got done—he would have had to wait 2 years. So I got all that taken care of! Then I shaved my tummy and legs that night because I've decided hair is bad! ;)  — no I just did it because the waxing lines of hair I had were gross, and then I just needed to get the legs done again. 

Today nothing special—just chilled! I'm going to go take a nap now. I think because I'm tired, but other then that its been a fine day! 

I love you! I’m happy, are you happy? Be happy! 

Love, Jayson

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