Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Keeping Busy

Saturday October 24, 2015

So this week has been crazy full of stuff, because I hated last week so much I decided that I was going to plan this one really well so that I could work more, because I hate not working! We made it out and taught some and I got some tramites done and I have made some tight friends with some younger missionaries that I really like! So its been a really good week for me! I love my job I really do! I can’t wait to see how it changes when I start doing it in the States. Everyone here I've been able to make friends with and now I just feel like I'm part of a family, they know me and I know them and together we are learning how to do this better and better and how to help each other! I love it! I honestly would love to just go from mission to mission doing this for a long time, and thats what I'm hoping I get to do when I get to the States and start working! I’m kinda excited for that to happen really! 

To the questions!

  • How is the weather for you now that you are going into Spring?
So it’s absolutely freezing today, like really really cold! We went shopping and we could see our breath, good thing I have my llama sweater! :)

  • We have been praying that you will have the time to read your scriptures…Was it a better work for you? Your dad and I listen to a conference address and the scriptures each morning as we drive into work. It is kind of nice.
I have been able to find more time, really I just need to make the self-conscious effort to do it and then it usually happens, so don’t worry too much!

  • Did you get your package yet?
Nope, I haven't, I'm honestly not sure it will ever come, I think its just straight stuck in Buenos Aires forever... I don’t know.

  • Busy Week or Slow Week?
And its been a really fast week I've loved it!

Monday was mostly office work, making paper slips ready for the other stuff I need to do, and just making everything ready for the week — it was good because I was making sure I had plan after plan of things that needed to be accomplished so I got a lot done, and then I fixed all the bad programming, I had in some stuff I was working on and then I also got 6 people legal for the next two years, got it all finished for them! :)

Tuesday was a huge road trip to San Luis to drop off a paper for one of my kids that was illegal that I had to take to San Luis with me, so we got the paper there, ate some great hot dogs, and the then we had to drive to Alvear, so we drove there to drop off a contract and I got to talk to all my old friends there and it was awesome!! I think I'm going back the week after this one, I'm pumped!!! Then when we were driving home we picked up some of my friends, Elder Castro and Elder Long and it was way fun to just sit and chat and just screw around with them for the 2-1/2 hour drive home! So in total we drove I think 7 hours that day, we had two drivers so it was nice and split, so it was a blast!

Wednesday I did tramites with some of my best friends in the mission…there is this Elder Long I think from Cali or Provo, I don’t remember.  I love his comp too—Elder Agyin a full blown black kid from Cali, it was so awesome because I way love them, in a non-wierd way. Then I got them back home, and tried to figure some stuff out with the police to no avail, but it was good all the same. 

Thursday — I’m going to be honest I really don’t remember what I did this day, I think I went and did something in migraciones and worked on stuff here, but nothing really special or specific. I did work on something pretty important, I recieved an email that one of my missionaries anticidentes are spelt wrong because his middle name was spelt wrong. But in reality it’s his passport that is spelt wrong. I think it’s so funny because that means him and I need to go to Buenos Aires to fix it…he has been using this passport for awhile and no one has checked to see that it’s wrong until we did, because we can’t do any legality work unless he has this work done so it was way funny! I’m going to Buenos Aires this next Wednesday to do that work! 

Friday just more work, trying to get stuff done for the Buenos Aires trip and just working on everything I need to so that I'm good at my job! It’s been a good week, I did more then I have written here, but to be honest I just can’t remember it all—it slips my mind! 

Saturday I went and bought some stuff for my bosses in Buenos Aires and just worked on some minor stuff and wrote the family! Just preparing the next week! 

So I'm good and happy and doing better this week! I'm going to be gone Wednesday night and Thursday day until like 9 and then I’ll be back, but I'm going to have a sweet trip in front of me! I honestly can’t wait! It’s going to be so fun! I’m living for the trip right now! I found the tickets and flights we are going to use today and I'm pumped! Hopefully I'm there for me time, but we will see…all the same I have to go back for another kids passport, so we will see how it all goes from here! 

I love you guys a ton and don't stress mom I'm going to take a ton of photos to send you! 

Love you to the moon and back! 

Love, Jayson!

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