Sunday, October 18, 2015

My mind rejects stagnation...

Don’t worry, I got you pictures this week, I have got your back! This week honestly was really hard for me, I just didn't do anything, and I'm not good at that at all! I need to be working, “My mind rejects stagnation, give me problems, give me work." Get the quote or call Jesika she will know! But ya other then that I'm good, really tired as always! 

Double Date Sweaters ;)

To the questions!

  • Did you get to go and teach again this week?
We went out Monday, but then we didn't really make it out more then that, we are weird and should have gone more, but we didn't. We worked instead.

  • Did you schedule time in this week to read your scriptures? I have only read once…I need to try a little harder to be a little better!!
I honestly really struggle to read my scriptures daily, I work a full time job and sometimes its easy to forget, and when the time that I have set apart is in the morning is when I normally have to be working. So I miss a lot of days and it makes me sad. I did better this week with my ponderize scripture, it helped me a ton! 

  • Dear Jayson, Please stop driving SOOOOOO fast…just because you can, does not mean you should. I keep praying for Heavenly Father to keep you safe, but I think you need to do your part too!!! Please!!
Ha, I'm careful when I drive like that, but I am slowing down — I don't want to die nor kill anyone!

  • Do you know the date of when you will be out of the offices and back to sharing the gospel out in the field?
I will probably be out the 27th of December. So soonish! 

  • When I talked to the shipping people, they said the package would be delivered directly to the address. What did I do wrong?
I think what went wrong was just the quantity of things in it, and if it had the razors and too many ties, like clothing and drugs are hard to get in, I don't know if it had razors that too probably didn't help. I did talk to Elder Vilche like I said in my email to you earlier in the week (which was way weird by the way, like weird ;)) But I'm just not sure he will do it, its not priority to him, but he told me that if I want I can just send them directly to him in Cordoba and he will get it there and pull it out. I don't know why it’s stuck in Buenos Aires, but I will keep trying for it! But it might never arrive, I don't know why they say we need a broker. You should ask the company, because it even says that their broker was notified, I don't know its weird. I don't get it really!

I went to Cordoba

To my week!
Saturday night we went to a baptism and it was good! After we had a party and ate cake and talked with our two hermanas they are way sic, we have a black hermana and thats way not normal, we only have two black people in the mission and they just barely came here! Way fun to get to know a new culture from the states even!

Sunday normal day…Ariel came to church and that was cool and then we had roast with the Warners and it was way yummy! Then that night we had the normal meeting!

Monday this is where the week got hard and way boring—I had nothing to do, I went from crazy over drive to nothing to do. I tried to just get office work done but I ran out of things to do, so me and Elder Bingham went and worked and it was fun.

Pictures from when we went to Uspallata

Tuesday I went and payed bills and did some more stuff for the last San Luis trip and got all accounts and budgets taken care of and again was bored, but in the night time had to go work on something I don't remember!

Wednesday I went and got the ceduala de identidad for a Chilean that I had been working on from the consulate with him, and after that had nothing to do. I've done too much work in the last two months that now when I have nothing to do it sucks! I don't know maybe I'm just weird, but I miss the craziness!

Thursday we went to a a place called Uspallata to go check on the house they had there. It wasn't a very nice one, but its such a small town that there really isn't a new place to put them in, but we are going to see what we can do! But it was really high up in the mountains, and me and Elder Romero thought it would be cool to go to the border of Argentina, so we started heading towards Chili, its about a 50 minute drive to the border from Uspillata and so we didn't see a problem in it—but as we were on our way we got a way bad feeling that we needed to go back the both of us at the same time, we said it and turned around. I don't know why we both felt that we couldn't keep going, its not like it was bad, but we trusted God and went back. I’m not positive why, but I think God protected us that day by telling us to go home. 

Friday I did 4 peoples tramites and that was about it. After we finished that, I did have to travel to a place called Laville with Elder Romero because I love him. It’s fun, we don't listen to music, we just talk. Like Uspallata we just talked for almost 4 hours straight, it’s fine we just get along really well and talk about life! It’s awesome!

Saturday we played soccer and went to a green market and it was way fun and hipster and now just writing! So yupp! Thats my life! It’s fun! 

You should write me back! I love you a lot! Be safe and enjoy life! 
Love Jayson

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